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Join the world’s biggest
and boldest innovators

When we talk about the most important SaaS-based tools we have, Catchpoint is inevitably on the top end of our list. 
Paul Sheth
Director of IT Infrastructure, Thryv
In today's world, you must look at things from the customer perspective. As a global solution, Catchpoint provides trusted data that allows us to do just that. 
Joshua Johnson
Cloud Solutions Architect, Tencent Cloud
Catchpoint fills that gap and then some. We periodically evaluate alternative tools, but Catchpoint continues to be the most effective and best value since it was first used in 2014. 
Dan Lamprey
Director of Tools and Technology for National Sales Operations

Ensuring constant customer and partner satisfaction is vital for Priceline. Catchpoint, originally purchased as our main alerting platform, has become our trusted go-to-strategic partner for continuous web performance monitoring, analysis, and optimization. Not only can we more quickly identify and resolve problems, but Catchpoint’s analytics have helped us uncover many new opportunities for system and business improvement. With Catchpoint, we can do significantly more observing for the same cost.

Tom Gerhard
Tom Gerhard
Technical Fellow

Customers need to see more and more about why you’re good, where you are good, and have truly independent metrics of how well their digital deliveryis performing against the accepted norms. Being a cloud platform provider, our team needs to see where we are doing well and where we can improve to deliver even better value to customers in fast growing markets. Gaining these insights can only be done with analytical monitoring that’s truly international and lets us drill down into network performance issues. This is where Catchpoint steps in for us as we look to become a major force in cloud streaming services.

Serkan Sevim
Serkan Sevim

With the data that Catchpoint provides us, we were able to quickly and easily identify an issue that was actually with a vendor rather than us. In Catchpoint, you can dig into these charts to see sources and destinations, addresses, and a lot more data that becomes valuable when troubleshooting.

Jason Evans
Jason Evans
Director of Product

SafeSwitch is a highly recommended service to integrate with any new contract. The professional services team can answer your questions regarding the tool and help you get the right start. They have access to a mass loading tool, gaining you precious time. If time is of the essence, SafeSwitch is a must-have.


If you really want to go to bed at night and not worry about your website, you’ll consider Catchpoint.

Robin Schenck
Robin Schenck
QA and Release Manager
Blue Nile


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