Flexible pricing to fit every enterprise requirement

Catchpoint is designed around your needs

Consumption-based model with flexible utilization that can be changed at any time during the contract.

Deployment is quick and simple with a dedicated team to accelerate onboarding; most customers see a positive ROI in a few weeks.

Catchpoint IPM serves large enterprises that require internet resilience.

WebPageTest by Catchpoint is designed for individual users, SMBs, and enterprises, with free and professional self-service plans.

WebPageTest by Catchpoint

The industry gold standard for measuring web performance – unlimited no code experiments and instant testing.

wpt test run

Catchpoint is always here & ready to help

Augment your abilities with our expert managed services team. Leverage best practices, audit IPM maturity, and migrate from any observability tool to the industry’s leading Internet Performance Monitoring Platform

Why Catchpoint?

Monitor from where it matters

The power, diversity, and flexibility of the world's largest global observability network allows you to monitor from locations around the globe that matter to you.

Monitor what matters

The breadth, depth, and collection of tests/monitor types - including bring-your-own - allows our customers unprecedented ability to monitor what matters.

Cloud independent

Decoupled cloud independence allows you to continue monitoring and ensure resilience even when cloud providers are down.

Trustworthy signal alerts

Purpose-built, stateless architecture offers maximum fidelity and minimum noise. High efficacy monitoring strategies provide valid data, without the false positives that competition is unable to eliminate.

Purpose-built data analytics engine

We invested in building a data analytics engine specifically for full Internet Stack observability. This data is both granular and retained for at least 13 months (up to 7 years).

Extensible APIs

Catchpoint has a flexible, interoperable, open architecture with an ability to consume and share data with the IT ecosystem. Especially powerful is a real-time push capability that can share data with other tools and initiatives, including DevOps, SRE, CI/CD, etc.