Solution Brief

Global Observability Network

Take advantage of the world’s largest network of vantage points that powers our award-winning IPM platform  

With over 2400 vantage points worldwide, our unequalled global observability network delivers unparalleled visibility into your users, networks, digital services, and applications, providing the industry's most comprehensive digital experience monitoring data set. This empowers you to proactively pinpoint and fix issues before they impact your users, ensuring their satisfaction and protecting your bottom line.  

Download our Global Observability Network Overview to learn:  

  • Why it’s important to monitor from your end user’s perspective - where it matters
  • The benefits of an independent observability network of vantage points distributed across the globe
  • How you can benefit from Catchpoint's public and enterprise nodes
  • The various node types, locations, and providers available on our expansive node network
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