Workforce Experience Monitoring

Understand the experience of your hybrid workforce

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Wherever, whenever, whatever employees are working on, we have you covered

Hybrid work is the new normal and your employees expect the same experience your customers are getting – no matter where they are in the world, or how they’re connecting to your network. See your systems from their point of view so you can fix problems before they impact productivity.

Support workers in the office or around the globe

Your employees are scattered all over the world and they all expect the same experience - despite wildly different connection technologies. Gain visibility into regional systems with the world’s only outside-in observability network designed to show you their viewpoint.

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See what they’re seeing

Observe your users’ digital experience with far-reaching visibility, from each user machine all the way to their business-critical apps.

Journey through the Internet maze

Get the industry's most exhaustive view of the complete digital service delivery chain between your employees and their IT services with our unequalled observability network.

Ensure Desktop-as-a-Service experience

Guarantee a high-quality experience in DaaS environments by monitoring from the devices your workforce uses.

Maximize your SaaS investments

Dive into the future of SaaS application monitoring with Catchpoint and discover how to ensure seamless availability and performance for your hybrid workforce.

Whatever’s important, whenever you need it

Any delay to critical business systems kills productivity and revenue. Pre-empt costly issues by continuously testing services – third-party ones – so you can fix problems before they impact your workforce. You can close tickets faster than ever before with the end-to-end view everyone talks about, but only we deliver.

Proactively test for outages 24x7x365

Use objective data to decide which vendor and design is right, whether comparing on-premises, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments. Then use that data to continually optimize in an ever-evolving vendor landscape.

Rely on the most complete platform

Combine active, real user, and endpoint observability for the only true end-to-end solution that provides data you can rely on.

Get visibility into every application

See the user experience for any service, be it Microsoft 365, Salesforce, VoIP/video tools like Teams and Zoom, or other SaaS applications so you can find and fix problems before your employees even notice.

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