Internet Performance Monitoring

Ensure the resilience of your Internet Stack

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What Is Internet Performance Monitoring?

Gone are the days when everything was on your local network. Today, the Internet is the network, one that requires multiple networks, protocols, agents and sub-systems to work together, often in milliseconds, to perform. These dependencies are the new Internet Stack that all businesses need to monitor, manage, and optimize.

Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) is a new generation of solutions that provides deep visibility into every aspect of the Internet that impacts your business. It’s like APM, but not for your app stack - for your Internet Stack.

Catch anything in your Internet Stack before it impacts your business

Catchpoint is the leading IPM platform, going broader than anyone else in the industry with thousands of vantage points around the world and deeper than anyone else into the core elements of the Internet Stack like BGP, SASE, DNS, CDN, WANs, and MQTT.

Five enterprise IPM solutions

Gain deep operational visibility into everything that impacts your business through our Customer, Workforce, Network, Application and Website Experience Solutions.

Proactive incident management

Identify and resolve issues, proactively, across public and private networks and application layers, to enable IT teams to identify root cause and triage, fast.

Monitor performance from everywhere

With agentless observers, our vantage points range from the deepest parts of the Internet backbone to the furthest edge of your network.

Manage, monitor and optimize across the Internet Stack

Achieve resilience assurance across your enterprise with access to an unparalleled level of data granularity into all the networks, protocols, agents and sub-systems that comprise your Internet Stack.

Stop Internet Outages in their tracks, we can help

Comprehensive IPM Solutions

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Customer Experience

Gain complete visibility into every layer of the service delivery chain, from the end user’s point of view.

Workforce Experience

Preemptively fix end user services issues for your hybrid workforce by identifying bottlenecks outside the control of enterprise IT.

Network Experience

Set up proactive observability for the Internet’s most critical services, including BGP and third-party services like CDN and DNS.

Website Experience

Proactively monitor your site's speed, usability, and resilience in real browsers, devices, and locations worldwide.

Application Experience

Gain a critical "Outside-In" perspective of your business-critical applications to detect and troubleshoot problems before they impact your business.