endpoint monitoring
Unleash the Power of your Digital Workplace with Endpoint Monitoring.
See exactly what your employees see on their screen with Catchpoint Endpoint Monitoring. Isolate the cause of delays to the device, network or application to quickly identify and fix user-impacting issues.

Catchpoint recognized as a "Strong Performer" in the

The Forrester New Wave™: End-User Experience Management, Q4 2020.

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Top monitoring challenges

lack of ownership

De-centralized IT teams means there's no central hub that owns monitoring

Visibility gaps

Changes to IT Ops environments come faster than internal monitoring strategies can evolve

Grunt work

Non-stop alert investigation and script maintenance are a constant burden on IT teams

Missed Revenue

Failure to identify page optimizations or manage SLAs can hurt your bottom line

Give your distributed workforce a technology experience that matches their expectations

Get real-time insight into the performance of your employees’ productivity and collaboration tools and services, as they render on the user’s screen.
Have the visibility and data to track and fix device, network and application performance issues quickly.
Ensure that  VPNs aren’t slowing your workforce down by actively monitor VPN for reachability and performance from key geos.

Empower employees to work remotely and self-remediate problems

See your device and network health with recommended actions on how to resolve issues without calling the Help Desk.
Determine if bandwidth capacity is too low and take action to upgrade the internet.
Share data with your IT team for faster troubleshooting.

Reduce IT licensing costs

Gain visibility into the actual usage of the software licenses of SaaS applications users rely on.
Have data from your user’s endpoints like what application they are using and how often.
Make better informed decisions about license renewals to cut down on IT costs.

Hold your third party providers accountable for SLA violations.

Quickly determine the root cause of poor performance to avoid finger pointing between your internal teams and your service providers.
Have accurate and reliable data to hold your providers accountable to SLAs when they occur.
Have three years of historical data that gives insight into the impact of changes to your or the vendor’s infrastructure.

"With Endpoint Monitoring, we can quickly identify when an issue is happening with a remote application or our network - or see if it's due to a problem on the employee’s device. Catchpoint gives us all the information we need without having to coordinate troubleshooting and diagnostics with the employee, which can take hours of multiple team members' time."  Monitoring Technical Fellow

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With so many businesses now reliant on software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, monitoring the availability, performance, and reachability of those applications is critical to protecting your employees' productivity, and by extension, your revenue streams.
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