It's time to look beyond the device

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Adapting to the hybrid workplace requires a new mindset

Device and network performance monitoring tools alone do not cut it in the new reality of a widely distributed workforce. Catchpoint's Workforce Experience solution is different: we don't look at the device, network, or application in isolation - we provide a unified view, offering deep visibility into every layer.

This lets you plan and deliver your workplace strategies to ensure your employees can work wherever they're located. Sort through the noise to pinpoint issues with uncanny accuracy and close incidents at lightning speed.

Leverage a new level of visibility into workforce experience

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See beyond the four walls of the enterprise

Look past the bits and bytes of the endpoint to gain unique insight into employee experience, across the maze of the Internet, all the way to third-party services.

Test 24/7 to preemptively detect problems

Put continuous active monitoring from the world's largest observability network at the heart of your Service Desk strategy to preemptively detect outages.

Put an end to war rooms

Gain matchless visibility into the areas beyond IT's control to diagnose the root cause of issues in minutes - across application, network, and device layers.

Stop Internet Outages in their tracks, we can help

Ensure your talent can work from anywhere

Promote better collaboration

Monitor employees' experience of everyday tools, such as Microsoft 365, Zoom, and SharePoint, to resolve communication issues proactively.

Enable efficiency at all times

 Observe network routing and remote application performance to make sure your employees can rely on mission-critical applications - from SAP to Salesforce.

Identify issues at the last mile

Pinpoint local ISP issues, which, if left unresolved, can not only degrade productivity and interrupt collaboration, but undermine employee morale.

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Equip IT to adapt to ever changing business demands

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Unite your IT teams

Break the silos between network, end user computing, application, and incident management teams with Catchpoint's game-changing domain isolation engine.

Improve vendor relationships

Finally, have a conversation with your business partners around neutral, objective data you can both rely on.

Deploy and adopt next-gen end user technologies

Actively observe digital experience connected to use of distributed security models like SASE and VPN.


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Workforce Experience


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