Endpoint Monitoring

True end-to-end employee experience monitoring starts with their devices.
Enforce SLAs, minimize downtime, and keep your employees productive.

Top monitoring challenges

lack of ownership

De-centralized IT teams means there's no central hub that owns monitoring

Visibility gaps

Changes to IT Ops environments come faster than internal monitoring strategies can evolve

Grunt work

Non-stop alert investigation and script maintenance are a constant burden on IT teams

Missed Revenue

Failure to identify page optimizations or manage SLAs can hurt your bottom line

enterprise apps

Monitor applications, yours or anyone’s

Confirm and isolate which applications have poor experiences for which employees
Proactively notify internal users so they can find workarounds and prevent support fatigue
Share detailed root cause analysis with vendors to aid their MTTR and track toward SLAs

office networks

Monitor network infrastructure from your entire user base

Immediate alerting when local networks and infrastructure are not performing as expected
Pinpoint the exact where and why of local issues affecting experience
Detailed historical performance data leads to better optimized networks

employee devices

Monitor from the device to understand the true experience

Map and correlate which devices are having poor employee experiences with which applications
Isolate and share device experience data with network and infrastructure teams for faster MTTR
Evaluate device performance and resource utilization to optimize employee hardware provisioning

“With Endpoint Monitoring, we can quickly identify when an issue is happening with a remote application, our network, or if it is due to a problem on the employee’s device. We have all the information we need without having to coordinate troubleshooting and diagnostics with the employee which can take hours of multiple team members' time."

Fortune 500 Consumer Goods Producer

Endpoint Monitoring Datasheet


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Maintenance-free monitoring

Quickly configure tests with pre-packaged monitors for popular SaaS applications to track performance.

Continuous testing, faster issue detection

Simulate employee experiences in call centers, branch offices, and remote locations for early issue detection.

Public and secure dashboards

Share information with business partners inside your organization and with SaaS providers.