SASE and VPN Monitoring

Proactively find and fix SASE & VPN issues fast

Upgrading your security stack introduces new complexity

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture bundles security functions like VPN, SWG, CASB, and ZTNA with WAN capabilities like SD-WAN. The result is security-as-a-service that provides limited observability – until now. Catchpoint provides independent visibility into workforce experience across all the network underlay, overlay, and security components comprising SASE before, during, and after rollout.

Manage your SASE transformation

Proactively find and fix digital experience issues across your SASE transformation - from vendor selection through deployment to supporting operations. All with an independent observability solution that provides detailed, granular, real-time and unbiased data.

Confidently select your SASE vendor

Conduct cost-benefit analyses during vendor selection and guarantee a smooth rollout with the industry's largest global observability network.

Compare SASE transformations & continually optimize

Compare pre- and post-change to control the impact on your employees and provide a baseline for continuous optimization & futureproofing of operations.


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