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Gain complete visibility into the behavior of your applications across multiple services and resources with Catchpoint Tracing.

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What is Catchpoint Tracing?

Catchpoint Tracing solves the problem of complex, large, distributed environments having an impact on your customer’s digital experience. The Catchpoint platform extends Internet Performance Monitoring’s (IPM) outside-in perspective all the way through to tracing request journeys through the application stack. With detailed user experience and distributed tracing data in the same platform, gain a holistic, end-to-end view with analytics and drill-down, all without missing a beat.

Diagnose application errors or performance bottlenecks in seconds

As cloud-native became synonymous with complexity and distribution headaches, the need for tracing became a new way to gain end-to-end application visibility into every interaction to maintain resilience. With hundreds, thousands, or more application components spanning different architecture types and geographies, an Internet-centric approach to tracing gives businesses and practitioners the 360-degree visibility they need to deliver fast, resilient experiences – regardless of complexity, size, or distribution.

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Efficient incident management

View top-line application health and quickly drill down to diagnose application errors or performance-impacting service components. Trace back issues to the exact line of code with time travel debugging.

End-to-end monitoring for distributed applications

Leverage Trace linking to visualize the entire history of an action in a single trace map and quickly spot the root cause of errors. Establish Business Transactions based on business logic with trace linking for full end-to-end visibility.

Manage intricate dependencies

Troubleshoot upstream or downstream application dependencies across native or non-native resources.

Focus precious optimization resources

Track SLOs and optimize problematic or inefficient code for optimal application performance.

Stop Internet outages in their tracks. We can help.

Power business-level observability

IT capabilities need to be observable through a business lens. Teams now need to include critical business KPI and digital experience-based signals into their observability frameworks. And since most issues occur on the front end, IPM data is the single source of truth across teams.

Support for OpenTelemetry

Integrate to large observability frameworks with OpenTelemetry compliance.

Use popular languages

Out of the box metrics and support for popular languages like .NET, Python, JavaScript, Node JS, or Java.

Easy implementation

Automatic instrumentation without touching a line of code. Effortlessly integrate with Internet Stack telemetry.

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Your Internet Resilience ally

As a Catchpoint customer, you’ll enjoy:

  • A dedicated customer success team to keep you informed on industry-leading best practices, tests, integrations - as well as to guide you through any questions you may have along the way
  • Access to 24/7 tierless support from seasoned monitoring and observability experts
  • Expert services to help you get maximum value from Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM)
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