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Catchpoint WebPageTest: The gold standard for modern web performance testing

To consistently deliver great websites and improve performance over time, your development team needs the right suite of tools to rapidly identify and test fixes pre-prod, comprehensively monitor your users’ experience in production, and dive deep at any time to resolve even the most complicated of performance issues.

Catchpoint WebPageTest is tailor-made for Front-End, WebOps, and QA teams to build, maintain, and continuously improve lightning-fast websites that delight and convert.

Catchpoint's Website Experience Solution is the evolution of WebPageTest, combining the gold standard testing capabilities of WebPageTest with Catchpoint's enterprise-ready Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) platform to monitor website speed, usability, and resilience in real-time across multiple browsers and locations.

Get a head start on your webperf

Boost your website's performance and SEO rankings with speed, reliability, and resilience all-in-one!

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Test, track and improve performance over time

Put Catchpoint performance monitoring to work by testing, tracking, alerting, and continuously improving on industry standard metrics like Core Web Vitals.

Paint a comprehensive picture of your users

Schedule tests with a huge variety of user devices, network speeds, locations, viewports, and browsers (not just Chrome).

Set performance budgets and alerts

Track performance improvement or regression and ensure high-quality product releases.

Stop Internet outages in their tracks. We can help.

Shift left your performance tuning

Attract and retain users with a high-performing, always-available website.

Catch performance issues before they hit production

Shift left your website performance testing and seamlessly integrate into tools like GitHub Actions, Jenkins, and more.

Rapidly identify perf issues at the source

Leverage a comprehensive, collaborative suite of frontend tools with filmstrips, waterfalls, request maps, compare-and-contrast, and more.

Automatically identify potential performance improvements

Discover performance, accessibility, and resilience opportunities and test and tweak perf with zero-code experiments.

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Measure the real-time carbon footprint of your websites

By providing visibility into Internet-related CO2 emissions, Carbon Control empowers users to take targeted actions towards reducing their environmental impact.

Manuel Irigoyen

Manager, E-com Business Systems

Catchpoint's ability to visualize our website's performance over time has had a significant impact on our business. Before using Catchpoint, we needed visibility into our website's health as we made changes to it. With Catchpoint, we can now see if changes we make to improve performance have a noticeable positive impact and the degree of that impact. Additionally, we can quickly identify if a particular release has a pronounced negative impact and investigate and react to it more efficiently by narrowing down the change and either reverting or improving it.

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Lightning-fast web performance

Learn to analyze site performance, fix issues, monitor for regressions, and deliver fast, responsive designs from the start.

Your Internet Resilience ally

As a Catchpoint customer, you’ll enjoy:

  • A dedicated customer success team to keep you informed on industry-leading best practices, tests, integrations - as well as to guide you through any questions you may have along the way
  • Access to 24/7 tierless support from seasoned monitoring and observability experts
  • Expert services to help you get maximum value from Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM)
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