PaaS Monitoring

Platform monitoring for platform applications and dependencies

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The rise of platforms as a service requires new approaches to visibility

Platform as a service monitoring from Catchpoint’s Application Experience solution provides critical observability capabilities for all platforms and platform applications. Regardless of the number of derived applications, varied users, or segmented developer teams, PaaS monitoring from Catchpoint delivers actionable application performance intelligence at scale.  

Third-party platforms as a service (PaaS) promise the acceleration of application delivery with improved developer experiences and productivity. But removing the need for the underlying pipeline and infrastructure management increases blind spots and presents other monitoring challenges. This increases ticket ops for teams who are accountable for reliability and attaining service level objectives. Catchpoint Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) extends critical digital visibility outside your organization’s four walls. The result is faster time to market, improved lead times, and catalyzed inter-department communications.

PaaS monitoring for digital environments

More than 80% of organizations use multiple third-party platforms. PaaS providers may offer some monitoring capabilities. However, they will be siloed, experience-unaware, and ignore data from other platform dependencies like DNS, API, or CDN. Catchpoint IPM monitors all your platform applications and platform stack components.

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AI-powered suite monitoring

Suites reduce cognitive load and allow focus on cutting edge value activities resulting from cohesive observability insights across your platform infrastructure, APIs, and digital delivery instruments.

Critical network visibility

In a platform world connected by the Internet, ensure consistent reachability and resilience with a proactive approach to the multi-party, multi-cloud, and multi-network dilemma.

No code, no problem

Catchpoint Application Experience solution is purpose built to holistically monitor all platform applications regardless of code instrumentation. Catchpoint IPM ensures smooth operations across all “as code” providers, platform, cloud, or service dependencies.

Stop Internet outages in their tracks. We can help.

Maira Zarate

Application Monitoring Engineer

Many parts of Autodesk’s business – from customer support to operations – rely upon SaaS applications like for important functions. Catchpoint’s SaaS monitoring and alerting help the IT team keep our lines of business up and running.

Monitor platforms where agent-based APM has no reach

Developed platform capabilities will have dependencies on other platforms. With PaaS monitoring from Catchpoint, you can manage observability capabilities for all of them in a single, cohesive view regardless of how distributed they are. Provide operational necessities for the entire lifecycle of the application or the experience.  Integrate IPM data with your CI/CD or directly monitor all digital experience platforms – resulting in simplified software delivery and less operational bottlenecks.

DNS platforms

Go beyond black box DNS response times. Advanced DNS-resolution-as-a-monitor and analytics ensure platform resilience – regardless of provider.

CDN platforms

Advanced CDN observations – only available with IPM - like CDN or traffic mappings allow you to deliver the fastest, closest digital experiences from the first mile to the last mile.

APIs or API platforms

Power observability as code with data and test management. Or directly monitor platform APIs for uptime, performance, functionality, or integrity across your complex mesh of API endpoints, invoked microservices, and gateways.

Ensure service resilience and adhere to organizational standards

Monitor service level indicators and attain service level objectives for platforms where agent-based telemetry has no reach.

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