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Maximize your cloud investment with independent observability

Cloud migration means IT teams risk a debilitating loss of visibility, as applications move to infrastructure and service delivery beyond their control. Observability before, during, and after cloud migration is critical to selecting the right vendor, ensuring a smooth rollout, and optimizing for ongoing success.

Most monitoring providers use public cloud for their testing infrastructure. In contrast, we test environments based on independent, physical infrastructure distributed where global users actually live and work. That way, we can provide an observability service that won't go down when the cloud it's hosted on does.

Evaluate vendors with a single source of truth

Benefit from the world's largest global observability network, with thousands of vantage points on cloud and non-cloud providers. Use objective data to decide which vendor and design is right, whether comparing on-premises, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments.

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Evaluate performance by region

Select the best cloud vendor for your needs by understanding your employee and customer experience by region.

Run cost per second comparisons

Perform cost benefit analysis by measuring the cost of each cloud against performance in your key regions to determine vendor fit.

Validate your data strategies

Measure ingress, egress, and throughput as part of your overall cloud design, management, backup, and redundancy plans.

Deliver the best digital experience

Use independent, neutral data to determine which cloud provider will deliver the best total experience.

Reduce the risks around complex cloud migrations

During cloud migration, rapidly identify when issues arise, ascertain root cause, effectively triage, and improve incident response times.

Pinpoint where problems arise

Troubleshoot across the delivery chain over key geographies to find issues during rollout and alert dependency owners for faster resolutions.

Baseline from the end user POV

Set baselines for end-user metrics to compare performance and availability before and after migration from a real end-user perspective.

De-risk your production launch

Simulate user traffic before going live to validate compatibility, operations, and third-party dependencies.

Ensure a smooth migration

View active and passive observations in AI-powered smartboards, regardless of whether you migrate to a single, hybrid, or multi-cloud.

cloud migration monitoring dashboard

Stay reliable even when clouds go down

Don't depend on data from the environment being monitored. Use objective cloud performance data from all important geographies to understand if your cloud investment is continuously reliable and performant.

Track KPIs

Know how well your services perform day-to-day, to ensure your objectives are successful, and continually optimize operations.

Continually protect your investment

Use real-time alerts to understand when thresholds are breached and draw on a wide range of integrations for fast troubleshooting.

Manage vendor relationships

Validate improvements and service level agreements with providers to ensure quality of service and remove friction if problems arise.

Cloud broker via end-user experience

Manage your multi-cloud deployment via integrations with AI-based tooling to move cloud workloads around as needed.

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Visibility Is Critical During Cloud Migrations

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