Network Engineering and Traffic Routing

Prevent network traffic losses that can hurt your bottom line

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Don’t let your business grind to a halt due to network issues

Everything runs on the network, so traffic routing issues can quickly disrupt business operations. Worse, routing errors like BGP hijacks can pose a major security threat. Catchpoint provides unequalled visibility into your network routing with more BGP peers than anyone else so you can identify and resolve problems in real-time.

Ensure continuous reachability of the network – beyond just availability – from every place, at all times

Discover how to rapidly pinpoint network issues: take our product tour to see how we identified and resolved latency in just a few clicks!

Improve routing and reachability while detecting BGP problems at a glance

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Determine the root cause of BGP issues fast

Identify and resolve BGP hijacks, leaks and route flaps with unparalleled real-time insights before they impact your users’ experience.

Manage BGP prefixes together

See all your BGP prefixes (up to 5000) using a single dashboard; sort by location so you can quickly see and understand geographic status across the globe.

Understand and optimize your network traffic paths

Improve routing and reachability while detecting problems at a glance. Effortlessly determine the most efficient network paths and extend your troubleshooting abilities to the far corners of the Internet.


BGP Monitoring with Catchpoint: Finding and Fixing BGP Issues – FAST

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