Increase your website’s visibility and rankings with SEO optimization

Improve your SEO ranking and dominate search results by continuously monitoring and optimizing your core web vitals with Catchpoint.

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Beat the competition in search by delivering fast, optimized websites

Website performance is no longer just a nice-to-have. With metrics like Core Web Vitals having more impact than ever, having a fast website is essential to any successful SEO strategy.

Powered by WebPageTest, our Website Experience Solution enables your team to monitor and deliver lightning-fast websites that out-rank the competition in search, bring in more clicks, and improve your bottom line.

Test your website performance!

Test and optimize your website performance for lightning-fast speed with WebPageTest - the gold standard in web performance testing.

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Test, track, and continuously improve your SEO scores

Leverage Catchpoint’s SEO optimization tools to boost website performance and achieve a faster, more resilient website.

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Monitor and improve Core Web Vitals

Monitor your website's performance to identify and fix critical SEO issues before they impact revenue. Track CWVs like LCP, INP, CLS, and other critical metrics impacting search engine rankings and user experience over time.

Instant performance opportunities

Automatically identify major performance optimizations with Opportunities from WebPageTest results. Gain quick wins with no-code experiments and instantly see results without changing a single line of code.

Competitive benchmarking

Test and benchmark your sites against the competition to see how your SEO stacks up. Compare tests side-by-side to identify performance opportunities and jump up in search rankings.

Detailed performance analysis with gold standard web tools

Find and fix front-end performance problems affecting your website, achieve faster site for better user engagement and dominate organic search results.

Detailed waterfall charts

Dive into the waterfall analysis to uncover key insights into the resources loaded by your browser, their dependencies, and any bottlenecks that cause slow loading times.


Visualize the loading process of a webpage using filmstrips to identify and debug issues such as slow-loading elements, unexpected layout shifts, and rendering problems that affect user experience.

Reliable, detailed, user-centric metrics

Monitor your site’s speed, usability, and resilience in real time, from your users’ perspective. Powered by WebPageTest, Catchpoint offers the most accurate and detailed performance metrics using real browsers from devices around the globe.

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The guide to core web vitals

Boost your SEO and user engagement with Core Web Vitals: The ultimate guide to improving your website's performance.

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