SEO Optimization

Stay ahead of the SEO curve

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Beat the competition in search by delivering fast, optimized websites

Website performance is no longer just a nice-to-have. With metrics like Core Web Vitals having more impact than ever, having a fast website is essential to any successful SEO strategy.

Catchpoint’s new test type, WebPageTest, enables your team to monitor and deliver lightning-fast websites that out-rank the competition in search, bring in more clicks, and improve your bottom line.

Test, track, and continuously improve your SEO scores

SEO optimization tools for technical and managerial roles alike.

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Gold standard CWV monitoring

You can’t improve what you don’t monitor – set up Website Performance Monitoring to see how your organization trends over time and identify any SEO issues before they impact revenue.

Instant performance opportunities

Automatically identify major performance optimizations with Performance Opportunities from WebPageTest results. Gain quick wins and instantly see results.

Competitive benchmarking

Test and benchmark your sites against the competition to see how your SEO stacks up. Compare tests side-by-side to identify performance opportunities and jump up in search rankings.