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You can’t fix what you can’t see

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Hyper-distributed networks, DNS, and CDN require modern network visibility solutions

Your network may seem up to you, but if your users can’t reach it, they’re having a bad experience. Inevitably, that’s going to cost you in terms of churn and revenue. Catchpoint's global observability network identifies root cause and provides the information network professionals need to determine ownership, avoid finger pointing and accelerate MTTR.

Observations across all your distributed services - as if they were one

Users’ digital paths to your services and apps move across a tangled web of distributed network systems. Catchpoint's second-to-none Network Experience solution enables IT and Network Operations professionals to ensure users can always navigate the digital service delivery chain while being protected from critical events, whether local or distributed. Catchpoint easily lets you set up proactive observability for the Internet’s most critical services, including BGP and third-party services like CDN and DNS.

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Network reachability

Ensure the network is reachable – not just available – from anywhere, all the time.

Network Engineering & Traffic Routing (Traffic Shaping) 

View and pinpoint all major BGP issues from a single dashboard to prevent losses from impacting your users or your security.

Vendor Selection & Management

Identify the best-performing vendor for each part of your service delivery chain by tracking ISP, ingress and egress performance.

SASE & VPN Monitoring

Proactively find and fix SASE & VPN issues fast with the world’s largest global observability network.

Stop Internet Outages in their tracks, we can help

There is no doubt that Catchpoint offers a powerful tool. In fact, the platform that they’ve built is, I think, unrivaled, in terms of observability for network performance, but what I really love about Catchpoint is their focus on innovation.

Zachary Smith
Managing Director



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Network Experience


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