Why Switch from SiteScope to Catchpoint

Modern architectures require modern monitoring - elevate your monitoring capabilities with Catchpoint

Despite being an excellent product for many years, SiteScope’s development and support have lagged – widening the gap between their offered capabilities versus contemporary IT and business needs. Unfortunately, their siloed monitoring at the source does not capture the critical user experience perspective resulting from complex architectures, distributed service delivery, or the explosion of SaaS-based productivity suites.

Catchpoint’s Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) goes beyond traditional siloed monitoring at the source. With Catchpoint, you’ll gain complete visibility of your Internet Stack, enabling you to proactively detect and troubleshoot application performance issues before they impact your business.

Customers of SiteScope often express frustration with common issues such as:

Lack of end-to-end visibility: SiteScope lacks many observability features that are standard in other monitoring tools, resulting in blind spots and delays in detecting and responding to issues.
Limited scalability: SiteScope may not be the best tool for large-scale monitoring, as it has limitations in terms of the number of devices it can monitor and the amount of data it can handle.
Complex configuration: SiteScope requires a significant amount of configuration to set up and maintain. Building templates for deploying monitors can require a lot of manual work.
Limited integration: SiteScope has limited integration with other IT management tools, making it challenging to incorporate into an existing IT environment. Driver compatibility can make upgrading a challenge.
Complex user interface: SiteScope’s user interface can be challenging to navigate, making it difficult to use effectively.
Reporting deficiency: Limited reporting capabilities make getting the insights required to improve application performance and availability challenging.
Low granularity data: Agentless monitoring cannot drill down and identify the root cause of issues.

Five reasons to switch from SiteScope to Catchpoint



Catchpoint delivers complete visibility into your entire application delivery chain, minimizing blind spots and reducing risk.

Modern digital architectures have become increasingly complex due to a variety of factors. Applications frequently span across multiple servers, data centers, and cloud providers. In addition, the growing popularity of microservices, which offer greater flexibility and scalability, adds another layer of intricacy. Hybrid environments, which combine on-premises infrastructure with cloud-based services, further complicate matters, and that’s before factoring in the impact of the rapid shift towards edge computing.

All of these factors combined mean traditional monitoring tools like SiteScope struggle to provide the level of visibility necessary to ensure optimal application performance and availability. Catchpoint, on the other hand, was purpose-built for modern architectures, delivering complete visibility into the entire application delivery chain.

Product UI
Product UI


Harness the power of observability to gain unprecedented insights into complex architectures

In this new day and age, specific capabilities are required for effective monitoring and observability into modern architectures. Simply monitoring in silos is no longer sufficient. IT teams need the ability to detect anomalies, correlate data across multiple systems and environments, and take a more data-driven approach to performance management.

Catchpoint is designed to meet these needs. From over 2400 vantage points worldwide, we collect and analyze the most comprehensive digital experience monitoring data set in the industry, allowing you to pinpoint and proactively fix problems before your users are impacted.

Our multi-dimensional analytics and full-stack observer types provide the highest level of data granularity and fidelity, allowing you to slice and dice your data in the way that makes the most sense for you. Further, benefit from the same monitoring and measuring baselines for internal enterprise nodes and public node networks, with full support across CI/CD and the DevOps lifecycle.



Monitor from diverse backbone ISP, last mile ISP, or multi-access edge.

With Catchpoint, you’ll benefit from diverse deployment options for both enterprise and public nodes. You can observe reachability, availability, reliability, and performance from critical Internet locations, across top-tier last mile, backbone, wireless, cloud, and multi-access edge computing providers.

Diverse connection types give you the ability to monitor from where your users are. This greater flexibility fulfills more monitoring use cases. Having diverse connection types also allows you to find the root cause, triage incidents, and fault isolate at accelerated rates. Our network of over 2400 vantage points is constantly growing, and new nodes are being added monthly.

Product UI
Product UI


And analytics allow you to focus your precious optimization efforts.

The inability of SiteScope to directly analyze the user experience poses a significant challenge for organizations looking to optimize mission-critical applications and gain a comprehensive view of reachability, reliability, availability, and performance.

Our global observability network is not only the largest in the industry, but our continuous active observers are always on, allowing us to continuously gather granular and accurate data you can depend on. Visibility into the entire Internet Stack allows you to manage distributed, complex architectures and see the impact of changes on the user’s experience.

Having proactive, granular data for all Internet Stack components - including more protocols than just web - is a mature IPM capability especially for proactive strategies (even when users are not on your site). This is also important when considering the potentially critical role third-party providers may play in delivering your user experiences.



Ensure the resilience of your most important network – the Internet.

Legacy platforms like SiteScope were built for a simpler time when everything was on the local area network (LAN), but those days are gone. In today’s world, the Internet is the network, one that requires multiple networks, protocols, agents and sub-systems to work together, often in milliseconds, to perform. These dependencies are the new Internet Stack that all businesses need to monitor, manage, and optimize.

Catchpoint is the leading Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) platform, going broader than anyone else in the industry with thousands of vantage points around the world and deeper than anyone else into the core elements of the Internet Stack like BGP, SASE, DNS, CDN, WANs, and MQTT. With the company that originated IPM, you can catch any issue across your Internet Stack before it impacts your business.

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Migration made easy

Our professional services team will assist you through the entire transition from SiteScope to Catchpoint, ensuring a smooth migration without compromising any of your existing scripting capabilities. We’ll handle tasks such as script conversions, dashboard set-up, integrations, and test configurations, leveraging our expertise in IPM best practices.

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