Why switch from SiteScope to Catchpoint

Modern architectures require modern monitoring - elevate your monitoring capabilities with Catchpoint

SiteScope: A legacy tool in need of being sunset.

While SiteScope's legacy in LAN/on-prem environments is notable, its architecture falls short in scalability and support for modern technologies and IT needs.  

SiteScope’s siloed monitoring at the source also does not capture the critical user experience perspective resulting from complex architectures, distributed service delivery, or the explosion of SaaS-based productivity suites.


Embrace modern monitoring with Catchpoint

Catchpoint redefines monitoring for the modern interconnected business landscape, addressing the critical gaps of SiteScope. Our Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) platform is engineered for large-scale, dynamic environments. It excels in Internet Stack visibility, extending beyond internal system monitoring to offer a comprehensive view of the user experience and system performance, enabling you to proactively detect and troubleshoot application performance issues before they impact your business.

Catchpoint vs SiteScope

Let’s compare how Catchpoint addresses common frustrations faced by SiteScope customers.



Comprehensive Observability
Built for the new Internet Stack that impacts all aspects of modern business, ensuring no blind spots in monitoring and swift issue detection and response. 
Made for LAN/on-prem and falls short in offering end-to-end visibility, which is a huge user-identified gap.
Superior scalability, adept at managing extensive network environments. 
Capacity for large-scale monitoring is limited, both in device coverage and data handling.
User-friendly configuration process. 
Intensive setup and maintenance requirements, including laborious template creation.
Robust integration capabilities seamlessly connect with a range of tools for streamlined workflows and enhanced data analysis. 
Users often find it hard to integrate it with other tools, particularly when upgrading. Driver compatibility can make upgrading a challenge.
User Interface
Intuitive and navigable interface with AI-Smartboards.
User feedback suggests that SiteScope’s interface is outdated and challenging to navigate.
Excels in providing actionable reports through multiple test analyses across various layers and standard & custom metrics (including infinite bring-your-own monitor options). 
Reporting features are limited – missing a report-builder, comprehensive dashboards, and export options, all of which hinder valuable insights into application performance.
Data Granularity
Detailed data analysis through real-time, extensive metrics and long-term data retention, ensuring thorough issue identification, faster resolution and MTTR reduction. 
Agentless monitoring of SiteScope often fails to pinpoint root causes of issues due to lack of active agents on devices.

5 reasons to switch from SiteScope to Catchpoint


Optimize for Modern Digital Architectures

Catchpoint delivers complete visibility into your entire application delivery chain, minimizing blind spots and reducing risk.

Catchpoint revolutionizes monitoring for today's complex digital environments, offering unparalleled Internet Resilience and robust cloud application monitoring tools. Designed for multi-cloud management, Catchpoint ensures seamless cloud migration monitoring and efficient multi-cloud dashboard functionalities.

Unlike traditional tools like SiteScope, our IPM platform is designed for the intricacies of hybrid environments, edge computing, and microservices. This adaptability ensures optimal application performance across diverse digital architectures, affirming Catchpoint as the definitive choice for modern monitoring solutions.

Product UI
Product UI

The Internet Is the New Network

Embrace the Internet as the Core Network with Catchpoint's IPM

In the era where the Internet is the new enterprise network, Catchpoint leads as the premier IPM platform, surpassing legacy systems like SiteScope, which were tailored for LAN environments. Catchpoint's approach to Internet Resilience and multi-cloud monitoring ensures robust management of the complex Internet Stack.

Our industry-leading IPM platform excels in monitoring essential elements like BGP, SASE, DNS, CDN, WANs, and MQTT, providing thousands of global vantage points. This positions Catchpoint at the forefront of cloud performance and Internet Stack monitoring, which is crucial for today's interconnected business world.


Elevate Observability with Internet Synthetics and Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Harness the power of observability to gain unprecedented insights into complex architectures

Catchpoint sets a new standard in observability, integrating both synthetic and RUM tools for a comprehensive view of user experiences. Our synthetic monitoring solutions offer detailed insights into system performance, while RUM tools capture actual user interactions. This combination ensures a deep understanding of both the synthetic performance and real user experiences.

Enhanced with our advanced analytics, Catchpoint provides unparalleled observability, far surpassing traditional monitoring methods like SiteScope, especially in Internet synthetics and end-user experience management. From over 2500 vantage points worldwide, we collect and analyze the most comprehensive digital experience monitoring data set in the industry, allowing you to pinpoint and proactively fix problems before your users are impacted.

Product UI
Product screenshot

Tailor User Experience with Catchpoint’s Advanced Analytics

Real-Time Insights and Advanced Diagnostics help enhance User Experiences

Catchpoint distinguishes itself from SiteScope by offering real-time analysis and advanced diagnostics for a unique user experience. Our continuous active observers and global observability network provide granular, reliable data, allowing comprehensive visibility into the entire Internet Stack.  

Unlike SiteScope, which offers basic system health snapshots, Catchpoint enables in-depth, real-time debugging and performance analysis of distributed systems. Our advanced tools like Traceroute InSession enhance network diagnostics, making complex issue identification more precise. Additionally, Catchpoint's AI-powered Smartboards and diverse analytics capabilities far outpace SiteScope's limited reporting and diagnostic tools, ensuring faster failure detection and resolution.  


Industry-Acclaimed Excellence: Catchpoint's Award-Winning Performance

Leverage Catchpoint's Industry-Acclaimed Monitoring for Enhanced Digital Resilience and Performance

Catchpoint's industry recognition includes G2 Leader in Winter 2024 and TrustRadius Top Rated in Digital Experience Monitoring for 2023. Catchpoint was also recognized in 6 Gartner® Hype Cycle™ 2023 Reports in multiple categories, underscoring innovation in Enterprise and Zero Trust Networking and as a sign of IPM adoption as an emerging technology.    

These endorsements affirm Catchpoint’s commitment to excellence, especially in Internet Resilience and advanced monitoring solutions to enhance digital experiences and support dynamic needs of the modern enterprise.  

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Meets Requirements
Ease of Use
Ease of Setup
Ease of Admin
Quality of Support
Good Business Partner
Product Direction (positive)

Source: G2

Migration made easy

Our professional services team will assist you through the entire transition from SiteScope to Catchpoint, ensuring a smooth migration without compromising any of your existing scripting capabilities. We’ll handle tasks such as script conversions, dashboard set-up, integrations, and test configurations, leveraging our expertise in IPM best practices.

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