"With the ability to measure globally, we can detect when DNS providers are having issues and pipe that data into our alerting in real time allows us to act quickly during the day or at night."

“We used Catchpoint's real-time measurements to pinpoint and resolve Google Public DNS latency. Instead of a long process, we were able turn around the problem in just minutes.”


Why monitor DNS?

Your user’s first interaction with your brand is via your DNS infrastructure. The digital journey starts with a proper and reliable DNS resolution. DNS is a prime target for DDoS attacks and DNS poisoning. Add DNS misconfigurations to the mix, and maintaining availability and reliability of DNS can be a struggle. DNS monitoring must be a crucial pillar of your monitoring strategy.  

Monitoring DNS performance from a diverse set of geographies and ISPs gives you a look at DNS reliability through the lens of the end user. Real-time visibility into performance and reliability of name servers, DNS resolvers, and external DNS providers will help you identify potential attacks or performance issues quickly and stay in control of your user’s experience.

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