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"Catchpoint gives Equinix a more complete picture of internet visibility into what's going on in the network, and that helps the company solve problems more quickly and communicate problems with clarity for customers. With Catchpoint, Equinix is able to identify and diagnose issues in a matter of minutes and begin to correct them before they become larger problems for end users."

Kelsey Waters
Senior Director of Cloud Operations

“We get Catchpoint alerts within seconds when a site is down. And we can, within three minutes, identify exactly where the issue is coming from and inform our customers and work with them.”

Martin Norato Auer
Vice President of Observability, SAP Customer Experience

“Their support has been fantastic - really taking the time to show us new features as they come out - and they are coming out with new features very frequently."

Charles Conley
IT Ops Manager, Cox Automotive

"Our mean time to resolution has dropped considerably since we've deployed all of Catchpoint's products. Particularly, we've found that our mean time to resolution dropped after we deployed RUM. RUM has given us the ability to find root cause almost immediately."

Matthew Landolf
Director of Operations, Dotdash (an IAC company)

"If you’re looking for a tool that can provide you with a high level of granularity, a 24/7 support team (24/7 support is almost unheard of in the business), an account team that’s here to help you work through any objective, there’s really no other tool on the market right now that can provide that level of support and that level of detail.”

Dominic Trelford
Supervisor of Network Security Ops, Jenny Craig

"It really came down to the service itself and what it was providing us. We can run simultaneous tests with Catchpoint from different agents all over the world, which gives us a real comparison of what website performance looks like with and without Cloudinary and the optimizations that we can provide."

Gary Ballabio
Vice President of Technology Partnerships