Synthetic Monitoring for the deepest & widest Internet Stack visibility

Uncover productivity & experience-impacting blind spots across your Internet Stack with Catchpoint's comprehensive suite of Synthetic and Internet Synthetic Monitoring.

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Synthetic Monitoring isn’t enough. You need Internet Synthetic Monitoring.

Synthetic Monitoring limits you to running web and API tests from cloud locations. But your users aren’t in the cloud, so you're blind to what they are experiencing. Catchpoint is the only provider that offers both Synthetic Monitoring and Internet Synthetic Monitoring. Internet Synthetics enables you to emulate actual end-user behavior. With over 40 out-of-the-box monitors (including infinite bring-your-own options) and the world’s largest global observability network, Internet Synthetic Monitoring allows you to test and monitor all your Internet Stack components from backbone, wireless, last-mile nodes, and of course, cloud nodes.

Assure the resilience of the entire Internet Stack with proactive, end-to-end telemetry

Expectations for a resilient Internet have never been higher. Achieve Internet Resilience with comprehensive proactive monitoring.

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The world’s most comprehensive proactive monitoring

Run proactive tests for every part of the Internet Stack - from initial DNS resolution, through the network, to the web application front end, to traces across the application stack.

The world’s largest observability network

Collect telemetry from diverse connection types – from the edge to the backbone, or all the way to the last mile or multi-access edge.

Ensure resilience is a feature

Measure performance, reach, and reliability of your end user’s experience - and the components used to deliver them.

Power business-level observability frameworks

Deliver superior digital experiences by simulating global scenarios, measuring business outcomes holistically, and utilizing diverse monitor types.

See the impact of change on user experience

Simulate chaos and failover exercises to ensure the best Internet Stack is used in the correct part of the world.

Automate with Playwright and Puppeteer

Ensure the resilience of user journeys with automated browser testing. Change test types on the fly.

Turn any script into a scheduled monitor

Run any of IPM's default proactive monitors, or bring your own custom monitor.

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Stop Internet outages in their tracks. We can help.

Get real-time alerts for outages or incidents

Receive real-time alerts when key performance measures go above or below set limits, including occasions when the system is down. This allows you to address problems before they affect your users.

Quickly manage incidents

Diagnose whether an incident was caused by your cloud or your cloud application and take appropriate action.

View your alert data where you choose

Foster better collaboration and improve repair times. Send data or alerts to your existing tools, such as PagerDuty, Slack, or any of our other product integrations.

Customize thresholds or schedules

Schedule maintenance windows and select your uptime or performance thresholds to avoid false alerts. Get alerted only when there is an actual event.

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Guarantee the availability of your websites, applications, and APIs

Cloud applications require a proactive approach to ensure uptime – even when users are not on your site. That’s why our platform is purpose-built from the ground up to detect and resolve incidents when they occur.

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Real browsers for real insights

Use real browsers to perform full page loads or emulate full user journey transactions – such as logins or checkouts – and view detailed waterfall data.

Minimize third-party API and dependency risk

Monitor availability, performance, or functionality of first or third-party API endpoints, web services, or gateways.

Pinpoint downtime locations

Monitor from our global vantage points to determine whether incidents are system-wide or regional.

Akshay Ranganath

Principal Solutions Architect

Catchpoint is very well suited for high-level and continuous monitoring of performance. When a geographical spread is required, this is the best product to run the synthetic tests.

Global Internet outages at-a-glance

What if your Internet outage is caused by a 3rd party you depend on? Catchpoint Internet Sonar answers "Is it me or something else?" and provides simple, intelligent, trustworthy Internet health at-a-glance so you can get ahead of productivity or experience-impacting 3rd-party incidents.

Your Internet Resilience ally

As a Catchpoint customer, you’ll enjoy:

  • A dedicated customer success team to keep you informed on industry-leading best practices, tests, integrations - as well as to guide you through any questions you may have along the way
  • Access to 24/7 tierless support from seasoned monitoring and observability experts
  • Expert services to help you get maximum value from Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM)
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