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Insight to detect and troubleshoot application performance issues

When customers can't connect to applications that fuel your business, it hurts your bottom line. The problem is traditional APM and NPM are no longer sufficient to ensure the success of your business-critical applications. Not only does your IT team need to develop, release and manage incredibly complex and distributed architectures, but they also need to detect reliability issues fast, regardless of where your users are on the planet.

It's time to expand the breadth of your view with an Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) platform that allows you to gain the insights you need to detect and troubleshoot application performance issues before they impact your business.

Stop Internet Outages in their tracks, we can help

Ensure the resilience of your applications with a comprehensive IPM strategy

Catchpoint’s Application Experience solution goes beyond traditional APM, providing a critical outside-in perspective. With full DevOps lifecycle support, and cloud application and API monitoring, you’ll have the power to ensure your applications and services are available, functional, and performant across all channels of the digital customer and workforce experience, in real time.

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Cloud Application Monitoring

Actively monitor your cloud applications from the same distributed locations as your users.

API Monitoring

Continuously optimize API performance and uptime with API health monitoring.

Full DevOps Lifecycle Support

Ensure resilience across all stages of your DevOps lifecycle to maintain business innovation velocity



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