Your Internet Resilience ally

Catchpoint provides unmatched support and expert services to help you get the maximum value from Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM).

Award-winning customer service

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Support more available than your architecture

As a Catchpoint customer, you’ll enjoy:  

  • A dedicated customer success team for any post-sales issues or questions
  • 24/7 tierless support from seasoned monitoring and observability experts
  • Regular communication and performance reviews with your account manager

SuccessPath onboarding

Success is a team sport. Go further in your resilience journey with expert onboarding help from a trusted ally to ensure you start getting value in days:

  • Live product training
  • Test, dashboard, availability alert, and enterprise node setup
  • Report creation
  • Data and alert integrations
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Expert services to help you achieve Internet Resilience

In addition to our award-winning customer support, Catchpoint can help accelerate and optimize your IPM platform with technical advisory and business value services.

Migration assurance

As you upgrade your platform, our team will ensure tests, scripts, and alerts are migrated quickly and effectively, reducing the time and risk of a transition, and allowing your team to focus on what they do best.

Internet Resilience Program

For critical times, this program combines best practices playbooks with a team of performance engineers who will augment your efforts, monitoring Internet Resilience 24/7. Ideal for retailers during black Friday, tax companies during tax season, or travel companies during peak times.

Maturity evaluation

A proven framework that walks your organization towards becoming a world-class Internet operational intelligence center of excellence.

A la carte services

These include scripting services, creating and maintaining transaction tests and user journeys, detailed performance reports with recommendations, and creating visualizations, dashboards and reports.

Monitoring as a service

Test set up and implementation, maintaining transaction to avoid false positives, 24x7 monitoring for availability and performance trends, recommendations for continuous optimization and tracking SLA for services & vendors.

IPM academy

Self-paced training supports your team in their learning journey of our IPM platform, best practices, and advanced topics.

Dominic Trelford

Supervisor, Network Security Ops

We’ve been able to develop a fantastic working business relationship with Catchpoint, both with our account manager, our support engineer, and the technical support that’s available to us 24/7. If you’re considering purchasing Catchpoint Synthetic Monitoring, and you’re looking for a tool that can provide you with a high level of granularity, a 24/7 support team, an account team that’s here to help you work through any objective, there’s really no other tool on the market right now that can provide that level of support and that level of detail.

Why Catchpoint expert services?


Our team has decades of experience implementing and optimizing Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) in complex environments and helping our customers realize business value.


Mitigate risk by taking advantage of best practices, ensuring optimal configuration and that your team is monitoring what matters and catching issues before they impact your business.

Time to value

Accelerate the time to results and protect your organization faster by reducing the time to implement a mature operational intelligence platform.

Protect revenue

Catchpoint experts act as an extension of your team, especially in critical times, to minimize the risk of outages, protecting your reputation, revenue, and brand.