Don’t let the fox guard the henhouse!

Just as you wouldn't trust the fox to count the hens, don't trust a vendor monitoring itself. See why Catchpoint beats Cisco’s ThousandEyes.

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Looking for a ThousandEyes alternative?

Common issues users face

Limitations in node types, BGP monitors and public node coverage

Hosted on public cloud, lacks independence

Missing essential features: scenario testing, 'what-if' analyses, and long-term data retention

Catchpoint sees more than ThousandEyes

Here are three reasons to choose Catchpoint

Catchpoint's independent, widely distributed infrastructure and extensive global network
Do you want to monitor Cisco from Cisco?

Catchpoint dominates in BGP monitoring with diverse sources, scalability, and natively built into our product

Catchpoint offers long-term data retention (months vs years), real time (not 15 minutes) metrics for faster resolution

More advantages of Catchpoint over ThousandEyes



Infrastructure hosting
Infrastructure for nodes and RUM is not hosted, is independent and highly distributed
Hosted on AWS, all their infrastructure (other than the agents/nodes), including vendors, are on AWS
Node coverage
Industry leading coverage with 2600+ nodes – more than 2x of ThousandEyes'
Only ~600 public nodes/agents
BGP monitors
Over 1,000+ BGP monitors, with 3 different monitoring sources, that are product-native
As of 2023, TE has only ~80 BGP monitors and 2 sources
BGP data recency
Real-time data from managed peers
No real-time BGP data (15 min refresh delay)
CDN data reliability
Trusted by Top 9 of 10 CDN providers, with comprehensive SLA management solution
CDN telemetry data is not reliable due to lack of monitoring from ISP
Data exploration capability
Robust analytics supported by over 100 standard metrics, dimensions, 40+ out-of-the-box monitors, and AI-powered dashboards
Limited prowess – minimal web metric queries, constrained protocol support, backbone nodes housed in unreliable data centers, and inflexible telemetry data, coupled with a non-scalable path visualization that demands granular, minute-by-minute inspection
Webhook API
IPM platform's webhook API sends detailed, real-time node data to customers' databases, predating Open Telemetry
Features REST API with limited functions due to constrained UI. Supports Webhook for alerts and recently integrated OpenTelemetry for synthetic monitoring
Data retention
Stores raw data for up to 7 years, with a minimum of 3 years’ retention
Retains data for 31days in test views and 90 days for alerts/browser waterfalls (accessible via API only)
Network path evaluation
Conducts frequent network path evaluations, with 200ms ping intervals and traceroute checks every minute
Lacks continuous testing support, offering minute-interval tests only
Network test timing
Enables network tests exclusively during application layer failures, optimizing resource usage
Mandates constant network path testing at uniform frequency, leading to potential resource wastage for non-network test users
Performance testing
WebPageTest [THE Gold Standard] for website performance testing, offering multi-layer tests
Web tests restricted to page layer, with web-based test data limited to five key metrics

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