Ground your proactive monitoring with real user insights

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Gain a 360° view with real end user experience metrics

Most solutions lack a 360-degree view of digital experience, leaving IT forced to monitor silos without business context. Catchpoint's real user measurement (RUM) allows IT and business to join forces and solve complex problems. Correlate real user data with proactive monitoring data for true business-level observability.

Combine performance and business metrics with ease

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Real user data to power business-level observability

Look at web performance data like page load and response time in the same viewport as business metrics like #conversions and #pageviews.

Project business outcomes using real IT data

Model web performance changes to see the effect on page views, bounce rate, and conversions.

Measure custom metrics

Use custom indicators to measure the metrics most relevant to your specific business model.

Extend troubleshooting abilities to the browser

Track critical website performance metrics

See how real users experience your applications with important web performance metrics such as Core Web Vitals.

Get actionable third-party services data and insights

Understand the impact of third-party services on performance, so you can implement the right changes.

Understand when and why users can't reach your site

Leverage real-time reachability diagnostics for accurate troubleshooting at scale.

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Act faster with real-time data at your fingertips

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Manage outages and issues with comprehensive data

Cross-check incidents between active and passive telemetry for all your performance outages and issues.

Depend on trustworthy real-time custom alerts

Set up real-time alerts with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they bring real-time data.

Identify and analyze the impact of an outage

Use the Outage Analyzer to identify regional outages through predictive models based on historical data.



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