Network Reachability (including DNS, CDN, and BGP)

Unparalleled network of active observers, providing visibility into all sites, data centers, and remote locations

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Ensure the network is reachable – not just available – from anywhere, all the time

Your network may seem up to you, but if your users can’t reach it, they’re having a bad experience – which will cost you in terms of churn and revenue. Monitoring from the outside-in eliminates blind spots and identifies issues you’d never otherwise see.

Ensure continuous reachability of the network – beyond just availability – from every place, at all times

Discover how to rapidly pinpoint network issues: take our product tour to see how we identified and resolved latency in just a few clicks!

Diagnose issues across user connectivity, public private networks, and application layers

You can’t fix what you can’t see, so ensure 24x7x365 reachability with Catchpoint’s unparalleled network of active observers providing visibility into all sites, data centers, and remote locations.

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Proactively identify any type of network issue

Quickly alert on and diagnose regional problems, system-wide problems, long-duration problems, and micro-incidents so you can reduce MTTR.

Observe your users’ entire network path

Analyze full physical and logical network path views to gain deep visibility into all Internet network segments.

Gain insight into every third-party service

Get meaningful data from your distributed CDN setups, actively monitor DNS, view all BGP issues from a single dashboard and observe endpoint WiFi network performance to enable proactive troubleshooting.

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The Comprehensive Guide to BGP

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