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Quick Issue Diagnoses Leads to Shrinking MTTR and Improving Customer Experience
Vastly lowered MTTR
Greatly improved customer experience

TATA CLiQ, a subsidiary of the multinational conglomerate TATA Group, is an omnichannel ecommerce platform that integrates online and offline retail services. To serve its customers and partners, TATA CLiQ built a complex technology stack which could provide a single view of orders, stock, and customers across online and store channels, thereby providing their 2.5 million daily customers with a seamless shopping experience.

TATA CLiQ partnered with Catchpoint to:

  • Improve page load times across their eCommerce platform.
  • Evaluate, measure, and monitor performance of third-party vendors.
  • Understand how the moving parts of their service delivery chain impact customer experience.
  • Conduct 24x7 testing of their infrastructure and customer-facing pages across multiple locations and telecom providers.
$33.1 Million
Mumbai, Maharashtra

The number of nodes that Catchpoint has throughout India on different ISPs was better than the other tools that we evaluated, as was the support and reporting services. As a tool, we found it more usable and user-friendly than anything else we evaluated.

Vikram Baheti
Head of QA Technology


Due the complexity of their multi-layered architecture, TATA CLiQ requires an integrated synthetic+RUM digital experience management (DEM) solution that allows them to detect and fix performance issues before customers are impacted. To do this, they need a platform that provides real-time insight into the customer-centric parts of their service delivery chain for both their desktop and mobile sites.

In particular, TATA CLiQ is focused on ensuring that their page load times (particularly on high-traffic pages) are kept at an acceptable level to ensure that their customers don’t experience long waits. They also need to make sure that their browsing, selection, and checkout processes are optimized so that their customers don’t abandon their purchases.

"Being able to preempt any issues and troubleshoot them across such a diverse country was one of our biggest performance challenges, for which Catchpoint definitely helps. The number of nodes that Catchpoint has throughout India on different ISPs was better than the other tools that we evaluated, as was the support and reporting services. As a tool, we found it more usable and user-friendly than anything else we evaluated," said Vikram Baheti, Head of QA Technology, TATA CLiQ.


The key to TATA CLiQ’s Catchpoint usage has been its ability to conduct end-to-end transaction testing. This means conducting active tests of every page in a customer’s checkout journey, sign-in functionality, and other key customer activities. Ensuring these online transaction paths is vital to TATA CLiQ’s business success, as they risk customers leaving for another eCommerce site if they’re forced to endure excessive wait times.

To do this, TATA CLiQ’s performance team has set up continuous tests on transaction tests using Catchpoint’s Selenium scripting capabilities so that they can visualize the entire customer experience. These are set up across many testing locations thanks to Catchpoint’s expansive node coverage in India, allowing TATA CLiQ to get detailed performance data across specific geographies and ISPs.

This testing capability and node coverage were two of the critical factors in their decision to partner with Catchpoint over other DEM solution providers, along with the capability to easily correlate Catchpoint’s Active and RUM data in one manageable UI.

Of course, a testing strategy is only as good as the information that it provides. That is why TATA CLiQ has taken advantage of Catchpoint’s in-depth reporting and alerting capabilities to make sure that when something breaks within the service delivery chain, alerts are routed to the correct team(s) with the most accurate and actionable data.

This level of reporting is also critical for TATA CLiQ to hold third-party vendors and advertisers accountable. Due to the omnichannel nature of their platform, there are many different API calls for brand partners, ad delivery platforms, and social sharing tags that live on many of their webpages. That can have a big impact on the customer experience if they suffer performance problems.

When an alert is received, TATA CLiQ is able to isolate the poorly-performing component using Catchpoint’s waterfall chart. They can then easily share the data with the vendor using the public URL feature.


Prior to deploying Catchpoint’s DEM solution, TATA CLiQ was unable to monitor the customer’s journey through their transaction process or see if there was anything broken. The new visibility into every step with Catchpoint has helped their business operations by improving page load time across their ecommerce platform, and ensuring that their transaction flows are optimized and fully functional 24 hours a day.

A big part of that is due to the improvement that they’ve seen in their API response times, which has a dramatic effect on the overall performance of the platform given how much it relies on API calls from various partners and third-party vendors.

Additionally, TATA CLiQ has seen a reduction in their Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) thanks to the improved insight into their services and the efficiency of the reporting and alerting that Catchpoint provides. These reporting capabilities allow them to diagnose the problem quickly so that they can start working on a solution right away, thereby improving customer experience and overall business results.