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IDC Spotlight: Moving Toward a Hybrid-First Organization with Seamless Connectivity and Collaboration

Supporting an anywhere, anytime, hybrid workforce is now a top priority as hybrid work continues to be the new norm. IDC’s new Spotlight Paper provides valuable insights and actionable recommendations for implementing a robust and resilient employee experience strategy to ensure your workforce stays connected, engaged, and productive.  

Download the paper to gain a better understanding of:  

  • How hybrid work models are evolving and impacting organizational culture and governance.
  • The challenges organizations face in implementing hybrid work successfully, including, IT support for remote workers, Internet Resilience, and tech consistency for all employees.
  • The critical role monitoring plays in ensuring a seamless user experience for customers and employees when using key applications.
  • The importance of investing in employee experience to drive revenue growth, increase productivity, and enhance customer experience.
  • How Catchpoint’s Workforce Experience Solution provides the insights required to detect and troubleshoot remote connectivity performance and SaaS issues before they impact the workforce.  
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