Getting To Know Catchpoint’s Intern Class Of 2021


My name is Amina, and I am excited to announce I am one of the ten interns here at Catchpoint! We have interns from across the U.S. in all the main departments: Marketing, HR, Engineering, Product, Customer Success, Sales, Finance, and Legal. As interns, we bring fresh eyes and new ideas to projects and a diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints to the team.  

We are at Catchpoint for a 10-week internship program. We will each be working on one to two big projects throughout this time, as well as partnering with our departments to provide ongoing support.  

During our first week, we were welcomed to the company by many encouraging faces! The day I started, I received multiple messages welcoming me to the team. Some of the notes were from names I recognized from interviews and others were from people I had only previously seen on the website. And let’s not forget the many words of welcome sent via messages during my first meetings!  

“The internship program at Catchpoint has historically been a fantastic feeder ground for hiring. We have several former interns now working for us in engineering, UX design, finance, and product management. We love the internship program for the way in which it brings a fresh perspective and greater diversity into the company.” Eva Bose Chatterton, Chief People Officer, Catchpoint

Catchpoint’s HR and marketing teams asked me to interview my fellow interns about their hopes and goals for the summer and their experiences so far at Catchpoint. I asked them what they were most proud of (personally or professionally), the best thing about the experience so far, which Catchpoint core values spoke most to them, and what they felt the challenges and rewards were of doing a virtual internship. Here are our responses. We hope that you enjoy them!


Amina Jaffer, Eastern Michigan University, MI 

Amina Jaffer, Eastern Michigan University, MI 

Let me start by introducing myself! Here at Catchpoint, I am the Marketing intern and work on the Demand Generation team. One thing I am especially proud of is getting this internship in the middle of a pandemic when internships are virtual, and people can hire from all over.

One of my favorite things about doing a virtual internship is that remote work has made it so easy to work with people from around the world. One thing I miss is being able to talk to the other interns or the people I am working with on amore casual level. 

My favorite Catchpoint core value is a hard question because I think they are all very important. If I had to pick just one, I would say grit. I love the idea of having a “can do” mindset and an “own it” attitude. When I take on a project and own it, there is nothing I can’t do!


Zari Page, Texas Woman’s University, TX

Zari Page, Texas Woman’s University, TX

At Catchpoint, I am the Human Resources intern. Something I am proud of is getting this internship! During the interview, I was nervous because this was my first time talking to someone from the C-Suite. Hearing afterward that Eva had enjoyed talking to me and believed I could do the job really made me want to do what needed to be done.

My favorite Catchpoint core values are collaboration and learning. In my past two internships, the people I worked with unfortunately weren’t ready for me to join the team, so I didn’t learn as much as I could have. At Catchpoint, on the other hand, people were welcoming and ready to answer questions from day one. With Catchpoint’s open culture, we’ve been encouraged to use Teams all day and to regularly reach out. It’s good to know there are people we can talk to when we need to.


Lars Chiang, Rice University, TX

Lars Chiang, Rice University, TX

I am a Front-End Engineering intern at Catchpoint. One thing I am especially proud of is a project last week where I had to find the smartest and fastest way to finish things. I was asked to look at the codebase using technology, data, and set up endpoints to look up the code in the fastest way possible. It will be cool to see how these web functionalities are used by our clients in the future.

The best thing I have found during this internship so far are the people I’m working with. I like to ask lots of questions and people are always willing to answer them. This shows me that the company is a great environment to learn and grow in.

Will Long, Duke University,

Will Long, Duke University, NC

I am the Back-End Engineering intern at Catchpoint. Recently, I wrote a nine-page report on a certain data structure that I was assigned to play around with, involving some coding and lots of math. It was a wonderful learning experience. I was able to make it look very professional, which my manager appreciated. That made me very proud!

As an engineering intern, being virtual doesn’t make that much difference since I’d be in front of a computer all the time anyways. However, going to an office is what would make me get up and go outside, so moving a little more is something I miss. However, having a virtual internship has made it very easy to build my own schedule. This has given me lots of freedom, which I appreciate.


Harris Greenburg, Cornell University, NY

Harris Greenburg, Cornell University, NY

I am the Product Management intern at Catchpoint. One thing I am especially proud of is making it through online school during the pandemic. That has been quite a challenge, and to everyone else who has also made it through - well done!

Something that excites me about this internship is the field that I am working in. In school, I am studying computer science and business. I have been looking for the best place where these intersect, and product management seems like exactly what I have been looking for! This wouldn’t have been an area I would have considered before, but now I think it may be my long-term career path.  

Jessica Yu, Carnegie Mellon University, P

Jessica Yu, Carnegie Mellon University, PA

I am Catchpoint’s newest Product Manager intern. I am proud of having been able to follow my passion in product, switching to product management, and joining the Catchpoint team for the summer!

Something that excites me about this internship is working with wonderful people. Also, I am working on a mini-startup project about the cloud monitoring space, which is fun! I enjoy it being a virtual internship because there is so much flexibility with when I get my work done. I also like being able to work independently at times. I do miss talking to people in person, though. Zoom doesn’t compare to face-to-face conversations!


Connor Power, University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA

Connor Power, University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA

I am the Customer Success Intern at Catchpoint. I’ve always wanted to experience and understand how to provide value at a high level for an already valuable company, especially in a startup environment. Now having the chance, I’m excited to discover the functions within my role and other roles in the company to help grow the capabilities of the CS team and the strengths of Catchpoint. 

My favorite Catchpoint core value is humility. It’s hard for me to remember anywhere I have worked, or even know of, that possesses the kind of honesty and genuine level of authenticity I have seen at Catchpoint. I think humility is essential to upholding how the rest of the core values come into play.

One habit I am proud of forming is reading. For a while, school made me despise it, but I am proud to say that I have now adopted the habit of reading regularly. I am also extremely proud of both my parents coming to this country and making the lives they have for our family. 


Thomas Sampson, Suffolk University, MA

Thomas Sampson, Suffolk University, MA

I am a Sales Operation intern at Catchpoint. When asked what I’m proud of, a recent project here comes to mind. I was given the task of changing 3,500 names from only first name to first and last names in an Excel file. My first thought was, “There is no way I can do this manually!” I quickly figured out how to use Excel functions to do it and was able to finish the project within 5-10 minutes!

Before starting at Catchpoint, I was nervous and anxious about starting a new position with a new company and so many new people. I was worried about not being able to integrate into the team, being disliked, or talked down to. However, after just two days, all those worries were gone. Every person I have talked to so far has been kind and always willing to help!


Ryan Winsor, Grand Valley State University, MI

Ryan Winsor, Grand Valley State University, MI

I am the Finance Intern at Catchpoint. One thing I am proud of is a daily habit I have built over the last three years. No matter how I am feeling, rain or shine, I push myself to go to the gym. I have seen that staying on a consistent gym schedule benefits me in other aspects of my life. It helps me maintain a structure and ultimately improves productivity. It has also helped me clear my mind and start my day more energized.

One thing I have enjoyed about this internship so far has been the tasks that I have been working on. The work is meaningful and necessary to help the department run smoothly. I have also noticed how kind and willing to help everyone is. No one has made me feel like it is an inconvenience to help me out.


Regan Minor, University of Virginia School of Law, VA

Regan Minor, University of Virginia School of Law, VA

I am Catchpoint’s Legal Intern. From the age of 14, it has been my goal to get into law. I’m proud to have got into law school and coming back to the University of Virginia has also been nice!

Something that excites me about this position is being able to see a real variety of work. Every day when I clock in, I get to work on different matters, from responding to hackers to reviewing an NDA. It’s exciting to know that every day is going to be something new!

One of my goals for this internship is to learn how technology interacts with young companies. Another goal is to do real, meaningful work that I am interested in. These things have already begun to align here at Catchpoint, and I think I will learn all of this and so much more during my time here!

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Jul 13, 2021
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