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Catchpoint has been recognized as a Strong Performer in the emerging field of end-user experience management (EUEM) by Forrester Research in The Forrester New Wave™: End-User Experience Management, Q4 2020. The Forrester New Wave report aims to help I&O professionals identify the right partner for their EUEM needs. According to the report, “…organizations whose employees rely heavily on third-party cloud services will benefit from Catchpoint’s deep visibility outside the four walls of the enterprise.”

The report evaluated Catchpoint alongside 10 other organizations, identified as the “11 most significant providers in the category.” The research details Forrester’s findings when scoring each provider against 10 criteria, in addition to a two-hour briefing with each evaluated vendor and a review of market presence. Vendors that “lead the pack, strive to collect more than telemetry data,” the report states, adding, “they also focus on understanding human perception of the tech experience.”

The Value of End-User Experience Management

Forrester recognizes end-user experience management as an emerging market, aimed at improving employee technology experience, using quantitative and qualitative methods. Last year, Forrester released its first Employee Experience Index, gathered from interviews with 14,000 information workers across all industries worldwide, focused on “factors that impact their ability to make daily progress.”

End-user experience management use cases include:

  • Monitoring third-party business-critical apps, such as Office 365 and G Suite, allowing you to hold them to account for poor service performance and any violations of SLAs.
  • Tracking and troubleshooting digital problems for your employees from their device/s, helping to understand true employee point of view, improve user experience, and overall productivity.
  • Network monitoring and infrastructure monitoring to determine what is impacting employee experience from remote locations, branch offices, data centers, and while employees are mobile.
  • Empowering employees to successfully resolve their own digital issues while working remotely.
  • For IT Ops, pinpointing and troubleshooting problems to rectify performance issues before employees have to file tickets.

Forrester Recognizes Catchpoint as a Strong Performer in EUEM

In Catchpoint’s vendor profile, the Forrester evaluation states:

  • Provides multiple vantage points for measuring experience. Traditionally a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-monitoring company, Catchpoint now provides full visibility from the client all the way to third-party cloud services. Its internally hosted cloud solution shields customers from third-party outages, enabling them to quickly and reliably diagnose external outages.
  • Must collect more data on the device. Catchpoint collects a heap of data from SaaS apps, internal apps, and networks (internal and external), but its device-centric metrics are less granular than those of the competition.
  • Suits cloud-first companies best. Although customers frequently use Catchpoint in on-premises environments, organizations whose employees rely heavily on third-party cloud services will benefit from Catchpoint’s deep visibility outside the four walls of the enterprise.”

In its Customer Reference Summary, Forrester notes that “Customers love Catchpoint’s holistic approach to experience management, especially its network monitoring capability. Customer service is excellent, and the implementation is easy.”

Catchpoint’s EUEM Solution Provides End-to-End Visibility into Employee Experience

Catchpoint offers companies end-to-end visibility from each employee’s device, across any network, and to any application. Catchpoint Endpoint Monitoring quickly, and in real-time, pinpoints when an issue is occurring with a remote application, a component within the network, or on an employee’s end device.

“Remote working and a distributed workforce are here to stay. Managing the experience of workers anywhere in the world is critical but challenging. It is not possible to maintain high levels of productivity and efficiency without visibility into the employee experience, from their device, the network, apps, and services.

Only Catchpoint can help companies ensure employee satisfaction by offering end-to-end visibility from each employee’s device, through any network, and to any application.” – Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and Co-founder of Catchpoint.

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Dec 03, 2020
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