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Measuring Employee Experience

In today’s tip, we’ll look at the importance of measuring employee experience (EX) and the specific challenges of doing so with an all remote workforce

In today’s tip of the day, we’ll look at the importance of measuring employee experience (EX) and the specific challenges of doing so with an all-remote workforce. In the video, I’ll walk you through how to look at your employees’ SaaS performance using Catchpoint’s dashboard, so you can see the level of detail available to you with Catchpoint’s endpoint monitoring solution.

Measuring Employee Experience with a Highly Distributed Workforce

Employee experience, whether positive or negative, impacts the productivity and profitability of your company. It also has an effect on revenue, retention, work culture, engagement, and many other factors. Measuring EX is especially important at a time when your employees are highly distributed.

Here at Catchpoint, we understand that monitoring our employee experience is equally important as monitoring our customer experience. We call it drinking our own champagne. When on March 12th, 2020, Catchpoint had to pivot from our some 250 employees working in our offices in the US, India, and the UK to working in 250 distributed offices from home, it was a major adjustment for all of us.

Our CEO Mehdi Daoudi recently spoke about the challenges of a virtual workplace in MIT’s Sloan CIO Digital Learning Series. Mehdi touched especially on the loss of direct human interaction and the way in which our leadership team is paying close attention to maintaining regular communication streams and “doubling down and investing heavily” in employee empowerment remotely.

Why We Measure Employee Experience

Just as for our customers, at Catchpoint, we measure employee experience from the point of view of digital performance. As a company, we utilize many SaaS tools that are leveraged across our engineering, sales, marketing and product teams. If any tool is having a performance issue, we need to understand how they are impacting them. Our employee laptops run Catchpoint’s lightweight agent software, which tracks application performance and network reliability wherever they are located. Ensuring employee digital performance is as first-class from home as in the office, requires end-to-end visibility from each employee’s endpoint to any web application.

Catchpoint’s Employee Experience Dashboard

The Catchpoint dashboard allows you to easily see all the data you need to evaluate your employees’ SaaS performance and access clear visualizations to help analyze and understand that data from every angle.

In today’s video, you will:

  • See how to access the overall availability for all your employees’ SaaS applications to give you a global view of digital performance;
  • Gain a baseline understanding of how key indicators of performance are impacting your users, including average response time, first paint, visually complete, time to interactive, etc.; and
  • View a test drive view of what Catchpoint’s endpoint monitoring solution offers through the lens of Catchpoint’s own employees.

For more information, check out the first in our new series of EX focused eBooks, to understand how digital experience monitoring for GSuite allows you to be certain of the best digital performance for your employees.

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