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May 2023 Product Launch Recap

Learn how Catchpoint's latest capabilities enable enterprises to achieve Internet Resilience

On May 31st, Catchpoint hosted a webinar to launch our Perigrine and Eagle releases, packed with new product features and enhancements that make our Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) Platform even more powerful. Thank you for attending and giving us some of your precious time. If you couldn’t make it, you can watch the webinar below.

Watch the May 2023 Product Launch

This blog highlights the headline capabilities launched in the webinar.

What’s new? Our top 3 new capabilities

1. Introducing Internet Weather

One of the exciting capabilities we launched is called Internet Weather. This groundbreaking feature takes Catchpoint's Network Experience solution to new heights by displaying the real-time status of key Internet services across the globe.

Internet Weather

This one is a game-changer. With just a few clicks, it enables users to answer the question, “Is the outage caused by my code or infrastructure or by the third-party services I rely upon for service delivery.” By leveraging Catchpoint's extensive global observability network, Internet Weather offers unparalleled visibility into outages for over fifty of the most commonly used CDN, DNS, IaaS/PaaS, ISP, UCaaS, SaaS, SECaaS, social media, and marketing technology systems.

2. SLO Tracking: Simplifying Service Level Objective management

SLO Tracker

Holding service providers accountable to availability commitments just got easier with SLO Tracking, a new innovative feature we demoed during the webinar. This powerful addition to the Catchpoint Platform makes it effortless for users to determine if they are meeting their business Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and, consequently, fulfilling their Service Level Agreements (SLAs).  

With automated reporting and flexible performance metrics, users can easily track SLO attainment weekly, monthly, and annually. The improved SLO data visualization offers a quick performance overview, ensuring better alignment between IT investments and business outcomes. It also features the ability to export SLO data into other observability tools to gain a consolidated view of service-level attainment.

3. Carbon Control: Measure the real-time carbon footprint of your websites

Carbon Control

We were thrilled to introduce Carbon Control as part of our ongoing commitment to digital sustainability. Enhancing our Website Experience solution, Carbon Control lets users of WebPageTest discover a website’s carbon footprint. It offers a comprehensive view of every resource impacting per-visit CO2 emissions, highlights hosting providers prioritizing renewable energy, and provides actionable insights, such as using text and image compression technologies, to mitigate the website's environmental impact.

We eagerly anticipate seeing how users leverage Carbon Control to make informed choices, diminish their carbon footprint, and contribute to a more sustainable digital landscape.

Noteworthy Feature Updates

Enterprise Light Nodes: Scalable Network Monitoring Simplified

Another notable platform addition is what we’re calling Enterprise Light Nodes. Leo Vasiliou, Director, Product Marketing, explained how these low-cost nodes could be effortlessly deployed in large quantities, ranging from hundreds to thousands: “Simply ship them out to branch locations, small closets, or any place with an internet connection, and they will be up and running in no time.” The data collected by these nodes seamlessly integrates into your Smart Boards, providing you with the same actionable intelligence you expect from Catchpoint. They’re the perfect solution for monitoring Internet performance in locations without skilled on-site operators or substantial server hardware.

Enhanced Global Observability Network

Our global observability network now boasts over 2500 vantage points distributed across 88 countries. This includes 1160 synthetic nodes and 1370 BGP peers. The latest additions include four new backbone nodes in Ghana and Nigeria, supplementing Catchpoint’s existing observability network footprint of 22 nodes distributed across Africa, spanning Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa.

Playwright Support

Catchpoint’s Customer Experience solution is now enhanced with support for the Playwright scripting language, allowing playwright scripts to be run on Catchpoint. This makes it easier than ever to include new or existing Playwright scripts in your monitoring strategy with little to no changes.

Records Compare.

One of the greatest strengths of Catchpoint IPM has always been our high level of data granularity and cardinality. Now, with Playwright monitoring data integrated alongside existing monitor types, our data capabilities are further enhanced. When we consider the sheer number of records generated, it's exciting to announce that you can now compare these detailed views side by side. In other words, you not only find the needle in the haystack but also compare it to other needles. This allows for pinpointing and diagnosing issues with precision and accuracy.

Catchpoint: Driving innovation and digital sustainability

Our May 2023 Product Launch webinar showcased fantastic advancements in our Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) Platform. From the real-time status updates of Internet Weather to the enhanced capabilities of SLO Tracking, Carbon Control, and Enterprise Light Nodes, we continue to innovate and drive digital sustainability. We are thrilled to bring these advancements to our users and look forward to the positive impact they will have on their businesses.

Watch the full May 2023 Product Launch webinar to see demos of our new capabilities at work.

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