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How-To Series: Tips and Tricks for Catchpoint’s Integrations and APIs

To help you get the most out of integrations and APIs, we’ve drawn together a series of How-To videos with tips and tricks.

Collaboration tools like Slack and Teams are here to stay. They’re very much inseparable from the distributed workforce that we all continue to find ourselves in. A robust set of integrations are then an essential part of today's monitoring and observability platforms. Feeding Catchpoint data into your support team via a Slack channel could be the difference between catching a disruption early or having to respond to a full-blown outage.

At the same time, let’s not forget about APIs. Managing a different set of contact preferences, escalation procedures, and alerting mechanisms from different monitoring and observability solutions can quickly lead to missed alerts and an escalating series of problems. When working across remote and hybrid offices, there is an even greater need for a simple way to communicate during incident management. As fortune would have it, Catchpoint’s flexible, feature-rich APIs let you deliver data where you need it efficiently and powerfully.

To help you get the most out of our extensive set of integrations and APIs, we’ve drawn together a series of How-To videos with tips and tricks to help you get set up with the insights you need in no time.

Draw On Our Wide Range Of Integrations

At Catchpoint, we offer out-of-the-box integrations with all the DevOps tools you already use. Accelerate troubleshooting by integrating Catchpoint workflows, notifications, and benchmarks, with Slack, Splunk, ServiceNow, Chef, and many more. From BigPanda to Zapier, we’ve got you covered.

On-Demand Testing With Slack

If your support team is heavily invested in Slack as a collaboration tool, it’s useful to know how you can configure Catchpoint on-demand tests to run from your Slack commands.

This video dives into how you can set up this integration.

In this How-To, you’ll find out how to:

- Set up a Catchpoint/Slack integration from scratch using AWS Lambda or Node.js.

- Run a range of command types from your integrated Slack channel.

- Execute different types of instant test from your integration.

Setting Up a Catchpoint And ServiceNow Integration

In today's distributed workforce, people are using more SaaS applications than ever. It's important to identify where you can consolidate data and how you can improve key workflows.

This video delves into a critical use case for your support team.

In this How-To, you’ll learn about:

- The function that ITSMs fulfill for IT support desks.

- How to integrate Catchpoint Alerts into ServiceNow from scratch.

- The type of data you can expect to find inside an integrated Catchpoint-ServiceNow ticket.

"We've found that Catchpoint works really well right out of the box. They have easy integrations ready to go for Splunk and PagerDuty. On top of that, we were able to easily integrate Catchpoint’s agents with our own (Atlassian) Bamboo setup." Robin Schenck, QA and Release Manager

Learn how Blue Nile utilizes our Integrations and APIs

Customize Fit To Your Use Case With Our APIs

Catchpoint’s easy-to-use APIs make it easy for you to custom fit to your specific use case. We provide you with a variety of ways to integrate critical, granular alert data into your key support tools and workflows; for example, we offer a Data Webhook, a REST API, and an Alert Webhook.

Alert Webhook Integrations

With the Alert Webhook, Catchpoint alerts can be sent straight to your alerting tools so you can send alerts to an email distribution list and unify data sharing during an incident. The Alert Webhook also enables you to bring all your diagnostic tools into your key workflows.

This video demonstrates how to use the Alert Webhook to set up an integration between Catchpoint and your existing messaging apps.

In this How-To, you’ll discover:

- The wide range of tools that Catchpoint's API can interact with.

- How to install a Catchpoint Webhook within a new instance of Slack.

- How to review the results to see how Catchpoint alerts integrate with Slack.

More To Come

Looking for more juicy tips and tricks on how best to use Catchpoint? Check out our entire video selection. Also, if there are any missing integrations you’d like to see, let us know!

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