Out-of-the-box integrations

Spot critical issues faster

Managing different contact preferences, escalation procedures, and alerts from different monitoring solutions can result in missed alerts. With the Alert Webhook, Catchpoint alerts can be sent directly to your alerting tools to consolidate notifications and help reduce mean time to resolve (MTTR).


Incident response that mobilizes the right on-call responder at the right time, with the right information.


Alert dispatching that determines the right people to notify based on your on-call schedule.


IT service management that routes incidents to the right resolution groups.


Purpose-built DevOps incident management software so you can collaborate and resolve.


AI platform for IT operations that integrates with your favorite IT tools for quick MTTR.


IT incident resolution via an Autonomous Digital Operations Platform that integrates with IT Ops solutions.

Service now

Use a scripting language to run API transactions and measure performance.


Use Selenium script to monitor transactions with 1+ webpages and actions.

Correlate your performance data freely

Correlate Catchpoint’s data with IT Ops and Analytics tools for an added layer of intelligence. This added layer powers fast, effective resolution efforts and actionable insights. With these integrations, IT teams can view end user monitoring data from Catchpoint alongside data from other sources like web server logs, live application logs, network feeds, business analytics, and APM data.


Open source platform for IT Ops teams looking to input and analyze data in real time securely.


Real-time data and insight from all of your favorite IT Ops tools, all in one place.


Log management and time series metrics for the cloud, all on one platform.


Increased DevOps productivity by reducing the drain of incident communication.


Customer data connected and delivered via the Tealium Universal Data Hub.


Data visualization and monitoring with support for Graphite, InfluxDB, Prometheus, Elasticsearch, etc.

Service now

Use a scripting language to run API transactions and measure performance.


Use Selenium script to monitor transactions with 1+ webpages and actions.

Accelerate IT and digital performance issue resolution

When problems occur, having diagnostic data at your fingertips reduces mean time to resolution. Our APM integrations help you quickly correlate internal application metrics with synthetic test performance. Deeplinking to your APM tool enables faster problem resolution when it matters most.


Server, database, and network performance data that you can correlate.


Code-level views of applications filtered and organized so you can correlate with Catchpoint.


Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize cloud-scale application performance.

Communicate more effectively during incidents

Preferred methods of communication have changed over the years—pagers, SMS, email, and now online messaging platforms. When teams work across remote offices, you must have a simple way to communicate during critical times. Sending alerts to an email distribution list can result in an incident going unnoticed for too long. The Alert Webhook sends Catchpoint alerts to collaboration tools to align teams, share information during incidents, and bring diagnostic tools into key workflows.

Google Docs

Intuitive, cloud-based office suite accessible 24/7 with version-controlled docs and spreadsheets.

Microsoft Teams

Collaborate seamlessly with Office 365 via a chat and online meeting solution.


Communicate in channels for streamlined collaboration and quicker MTTR.

Automate monitoring for improved efficiency

Your CI/CD pipeline is advanced and powerful allowing you to streamline deployments. Catchpoint easily and seamlessly fits into your delivery chain so you can detect problems before going into production. New services and applications are continuously monitored in production for 100% coverage with minimal effort.


Open-source IT automation platform that frees up DevOps teams from app management.


Automation platform built for building, deploying, and managing DevOps projects.


Automated software delivery application and infrastructure management.


An orchestration and automation platform for infrastructure management.


Tool built on plugin-based architecture, to build, change, and version infrastructure efficiently.


Anycast DNS network designed for speed and reliability, even in China.

Service now

Use a scripting language to run API transactions and measure performance.


Use Selenium script to monitor transactions with 1+ webpages and actions.

Missing something?

You can push Catchpoint data wherever you need with our easy-to-use APIs (see below). If you’d like to see a specific integration, let us know!

“We used Catchpoint's real-time measurements to pinpoint and resolve Google Public DNS latency. Instead of a long process, we were able to turn around the problem in just minutes.”

"We already use Splunk and Catchpoint routinely for troubleshooting production incidents. We look forward to this integration and how this data can help us detect when a problem is imminent."

Flexible, feature-rich APIs

Deliver data where you need data with easy-to-use APIs. Catchpoint makes it easy to customize fit to your use case.

Data Webhook

Get synthetic and RUM data with customizable templates, and add authentication parameters in request headers and payloads.

Alert Webhook

Receive synthetic and RUM alerts in real time, tailored to fit any escalation or management system you already use.


Create tests to automate your workflow and pull performance data and alerts from synthetic and RUM.