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Since we launched Catchpoint we have been continuously innovating by listening to our customers needs. We have brought new metrics and data analysis features to help our customers measure and improve their web performance. Coming from IT operations, we understand that operation excellence is based on data analytics, and our goal at Catchpoint is to deliver the best data analytics for IT operations!

  • June 2010:  Apdex Score.
  • September 2010: Render start time based on actual screen display.
  • October 2010: Historically trending Google PageSpeed score based on every browser measurement (not a one time test!).
  • November 2010: Median, Standard Deviation, Min, Max, 25th %, 75%, 85% – all based on the complete set of collected data.
  • December 2010: Time to Title.
  • December 2010: Track number of http connection overtime.
  • March 2011: Inter-quartile Range and extended scatterplot and statistical chart to more metrics.
  • And more are coming…

We are now tracking over 33 web metrics excluding the +50 custom metrics that each customer can instrument Catchpoint to consume.

Add on top of that the Apdex Score (based on  7 Seconds in example) and Google Page Speed Score.

It’s all about tracking and correlation and you can do this over years of data we can store thanks to our proprietary nosql backend.

Mehdi – Catchpoint

Published on
May 18, 2011
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