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Catchpoint October 2010 Release

Learn more about the new version of Catchpoint and which new features and enhancements it has.

Our October release just hit the wire. This one was packed with some really cool features based on feedback from customers and prospects.

Here are some feature highlights:

  • Page Speed score: Catchpoint will calculate Page Speed score for every test run. Users will be able to chart the Page Speed score in the Performance Chart over time to view trends. You can learn more about Page Speed at
  • Screenshot and Filmstrip for IE7 Monitor: Catchpoint can now take a screen shot at the end of the test or create a Filmstrip by taking a screen shot at set intervals.
  • HTTP Headers Capture: Ability to capture HTTP Headers for the Request and Response on test error or continuously. The capture is available in  HTTP Archive files (HAR) export.
  • Test Run Distribution: Customers can now customize how the Catchpoint agent runs the test within a time interval (frequency) across the nodes it targets. We support both Random runs and Concurrent runs.
  • Scatterplot Support Display Up to the 1 Minute Level: With the enhancement of test run distribution we have enhanced the Scatterplot chart to display up to the 1 minute level.
  • IE7 Waterfall Chart Update: Waterfall charts for IE7 Monitor were enhanced to include Render Start and Document Complete in the Summary and time line.

Waterfall of

  • Ping Gateway Host/IP: Ability to specify a different hostname or ip for ping monitoring or debug on error at the test level. Useful if you need to ping the load balancer or gateway, versus the webserver.
  • The most complete set of measurements metrics in the industry! We now support not only Render Start Time, but also Document Complete and Total Render Time. Check this graph:

More to come in December.

The Catchpoint Team.

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