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“Catchpoint is the Gold Standard for Customer Success and Support”

Catchpoint was named a Customers’ Choice in the Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Network Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics category.

Last month, Catchpoint was named a Customers’ Choice in the Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Network Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics category. Not only were our product capabilities highlighted in the anonymous set of reviews from our customers, but we were delighted to see our entire customer support team recognized for their round-the-clock assistance and the lengths they go to in order to ensure outstanding service.

Want to learn more? Take a look at what Catchpoint customers have to say.

Catchpoint customer support is the best in the business. They consistently go above and beyond to help our org meet objectives. They’ve set a high bar. Our account managers are in touch monthly (sometimes weekly) ensuring they are doing everything they can to maximize tool effectiveness for us. Support is available 24/7. This is unheard of. Any day rain or shine, an engineer is available to assist.”

Infrastructure and Operations, Retail industry

Since going live our footprint of monitoring has increased over 500% without increasing our support staff. This is in part due to the Catchpoint support Team, which has done a great job supporting us.

Program and Portfolio Management Role, Miscellaneous industry

“My overall experience with Catchpoint is excellent, their customer mind set and support is world class. They deliver improvements faster to the market and their 24×7 support via email, chat is very helpful.”

Senior DevOps Engineer, Services Industry

Since our fantastic technical services team was so consistently highlighted in the peer reviews, we decided to give this blog over to celebrate their work. Four team members gave their time to share a rich set of insights into what their role involves, how they work as a team and with our customers to ensure success on every ticket, and how they felt about receiving recognition from Gartner Peer Insights.

What does working in Technical Services for Catchpoint involve?

As technical account managers, our work involves providing technical assistance to clients and prospects, dealing with them directly over chats, emails, and virtual meetings. We also help with research and the analysis of technical issues. We have very aggressive time commitments to each ticket that comes in, which is part of our role to maintain.

Shivam Chawla, Technical Services

We are trained to be a one tier support team, meaning we all have the same amount of knowledge, so don’t have to escalate issues to different teams, except the triage team (that I am a part of), which addresses ticket escalations to operations or engineering. Experienced and outstanding support team members are promoted to the triage team.

Rachana Sane, Technical Account Manager

What does a typical day in your work life look like?

A typical day starts with catching up on emails. Each of us has different expertise, for instance, Shivam and I are Subject Matter Experts and Nicholas works specifically on Pendo. Accordingly, we each have a different set of meetings, as well as shared standups and biweekly calls for our New York and Bangalore teams (where we get together on Zoom to discuss outstanding issues.)  Sometimes, a client might request a call or we might ask them to jump on one to troubleshoot an issue more deeply. Usually, I have meetings in the mornings and after lunch, I’ll have more dedicated time to work on my support tickets.

Rachana Sane, Technical Account Manager

Chats might come in at any time, so we have to be continually alert and proactive in order to assist clients in the moment and try to solve their problems as quickly as possible to deliver the best user experience. Depending on the use case, we might jump on a call with them or, if needed, we will escalate the issue to operations or engineering.

Every ticket, every chat and every case we pick up is completely different to one another. Every day is a new learning process, so there is always something new to look forward to.

Sushma Nag, Associate Technical Account Manager

How do you work together as a team?

In our in-office setting, we could turn around and ask another TAM to look at a ticket and share the knowledge that way. Our Chief Customer Officer, Arnold, likes to call this form of exchange “tribal knowledge” meaning information can be shared “human to human”, working together to come up with a solution.

We recently started a new project to help us get through this period of working remotely, which involves recurring peer training in different features and important products in the portal.

Nicholas Gaston, Technical Account Manager

Since the pandemic started, we’ve all had to work from home. However, we continue to have the same goal: to provide customers with the best possible support experience and we have found new ways to connect as a team. As well as our bi-weekly meetings on Zoom to discuss support tickets, we have virtual coffee, play virtual games, hold Netflix parties… We are making a lot of effort to bond as a team. Overall, we are highly proactive on Teams, so we have a lot of daily communication going on that way and we hold video calls on Zoom.

Everyone in the company, including executives, is always available to help and jump on a client issue. No one is out of reach; everyone really is part of the team.

Shivam Chawla, Technical Services

What are your goals for your client interactions?

Our main goal is always to ensure that the client is satisfied and happy, and if a client doesn’t know how to achieve a specific use case using Catchpoint tools, we will provide that information. Our tool is sophisticated and we have a lot of integrations, which we can help open up for our clients.

Rachana Sane, Technical Account Manager

Each ticket that comes from a client is obviously being opened for a specific reason. My main goal is to provide a solution to that. On top of that, I am always looking to educate them on what the specific issue was so that they can solve it for themselves going forwards. I will often point them to our documentation or an aspect of the portal they may not previously have known about to expand their knowledge of our software.

Nicholas Gaston, Technical Account Manager

What kind of background do you need for your role?

I come from a background in electronics and telecommunications. You need to be able to do scripting and coding, along with having an understanding of networking, transport, and all the OSI layers.

Rachana Sane, Technical Account Manager

I was just out of college when I joined Catchpoint. When I began, I went through an intensive training process, which was very helpful, experiencing different training sessions for DNS, scripting, etc. It is an ongoing process where you continue to learn from those around you.

Sushma Nag, Associate Technical Account Manager

When recruiting, you are not looking for someone who knows a certain skill set, but for someone who is looking to educate themselves in the Catchpoint skillset.

I have a background in computer science. A set of internships and other jobs led me towards a path in application performance and the networking aspect of things versus the programming side.

Nicholas Gaston, Technical Account Manager

How did you feel hearing about the Gartner Peer Distinction?

It’s always nice to have that kind of positive feedback. When someone is there to say you’re doing a good job, it makes you want to work more on yourself and your work, encouraging you to keep moving forwards and be better at what you do.

Sushma Nag, Associate Technical Account Manager

It was awesome to hear about the Gartner Peer Distinction. I’ve been working at Catchpoint for just over a year and very quickly you learn that the company pays a lot of attention to, and is very proud of our support team. They invest a lot in it. It’s important to show that we’re not only willing to help our customers, which is something we are always focused on, but seeing that be recognized externally is a great boost.

Nicholas Gaston, Technical Account Manager

Read more about the Gartner Peer Insights recognition here and browse all the reviews on the Gartner site directly here.

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