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Our Customer’s Take on Why Catchpoint Leads the way

Catchpoint was picked as a Gartner Peer Insights 2020 Customers’ Choice in the Network Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics (NPMD) category.

Gartner Peer Insights evaluates peer review and ratings for software and service providers. The reviews offer valuable insights for decision-makers and plays a key role in the IT buying process. Catchpoint was picked as a Gartner Peer Insights 2020 Customers’ Choice in the Network Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics (NPMD) category.

Network performance monitoring and diagnostic (NPMD) tools aid in understanding network health, performance, and how it behaves in different scenarios. For example, when there is a traffic surge, how does it impact the server resources and the end user? These tools are used by IT and network operations teams to monitor network performance, quickly identify the root cause, and resolve the issue.

The Gartner Customer Choice distinction is evaluated based on actual ratings from customers that include:

  • Overall rating of product capabilities
  • Overall rating of evaluation and contract negotiation with the vendor
  • Overall rating of integration and deployment
  • Overall rating of service and support
  • Overall experience with the vendor
All eligible vendors are plotted against the “Review Coverage” and “Overall Rating” based on the volume and diversity of reviews. It also features the Customers’ Choice, i.e., vendors with greater than equal to 4.6 Market Rating.

Catchpoint was a front-runner in the NPMD category, ranked among the top five vendors from a list of 80 plus vendors in the same category. Our customers have utilized the Catchpoint platform to build better and more effective monitoring strategies. In this blog, we look at some of the product capabilities which, according to our customers, make us a leader in the monitoring space.

Node Coverage

When it comes to node coverage, we have an unmatched global presence with 800 (and counting) monitoring nodes in over 230 cities and 280 providers around the world. These vantage points are spread over diverse networks – cloud providers, broadband ISPs, and mobile connections. For our customers, it is crucial to monitor from multiple locations around the world so they can evaluate the true end-user experience. In our customer’s words:

“Catchpoint offers unparalleled global coverage and broadest features and functionalities.“

“The unparalleled node coverage. Most synthetic monitoring tools have very low APAC node coverage, but not Catchpoint. It has extensive coverage in India, China, and almost every south–east Asian country.”

“The variety of connectivity among cloud agents is great – 4g, last mile (cable modem) and data center makes for very comprehensive coverage when monitoring service health, etc.”

Comprehensive Dashboards and Visualizations

NPMD tools aggregate a huge amount of performance data for a range of metrics across multiple network components. Analyzing the raw data from different geographies, different devices, and different connection types is difficult unless it is presented in an organized format that is easy to understand. Data visualizations can make performance analysis much simpler.

The Catchpoint platform offers comprehensive data visualizations with intuitive dashboards and charts. In our customer’s words:

“Catchpoint’s ability to slice, dice, and compare data, combined with its large number of metrics captured and the ability to create custom metrics make it generally very quick to get to the root cause and see patterns.”

“Catchpoint’s analytics capabilities are great, very easy to use, provides a lot of options for slicing and dicing of data which helps us in identifying the root cause or provide a right direction for troubleshooting in less than 10 minutes.”

“Great tool with many features with intuitive interface and good data analysis instruments”

“Each individual measurement is recorded, rated, and can be analyzed in detail. The product provides a large diversity of professional functionalities for analysis, troubleshooting, and reporting.”

Broad and Powerful Set of Tests

Performance monitoring is not the same as uptime/downtime monitoring. There is a wider range of components and network layers that are taken into account, so you have end-to-end visibility of every process in the application delivery chain. NPMD tools measure the performance of DNS, CDN, APIs, and other third-party services that allows you to evaluate more than just application availability.

Catchpoint offers a powerful set of test types that cover every crucial step in the end user journey giving our customers the ability to monitor, analyze, identify, and resolve performance issues before it impacts the end-user experience. In our customer’s words:

“Catchpoint offers more test types (custom script, transactional, DNS, FTP, API, PING, and many more) to be monitored than most of the tools in market.”

“Catchpoint provides an extensive comprehensive solution built into an intuitive UI with complete API capabilities to deliver the broadest possible accurate user experience reporting. Problems can be determined before experienced by end users.”

“Powerful, intuitive tool in the market”

“Catchpoint offers effective performance monitoring tools for a wide variety of services – network latency/web performance/UI transaction/DNS/RUM, to name a few. Has extensive IPv4 and IPv6 global presence and ISP coverage.”

Reliable Platform

A monitoring platform is continually processing huge data sets for all types of metrics from the applications being monitored. It is important to assure the customer that the data is stored secure and safe. It is also crucial to validate the data integrity so that it doesn’t skew the performance analysis. The quality of the performance data determines the success of the monitoring strategy – where are the bottlenecks? Are the optimizations effective? Is the performance alert valid?

Catchpoint offers a robust and reliable platform. Customers rely on the monitoring data to eliminate existing performance issues, build optimized applications, and to ensure third-party vendors are upholding SLAs. In our customer’s words:

“Professional monitoring tool based on a reliable SaaS platform.”

“We’ve been using Catchpoint for 10 years and it’s an important part of our operation. It is critical for our organization to know about availability and performance issues as soon as possible and Catchpoint is the monitoring solution we use. We rely on Catchpoint to give us an objective perspective on our entire operation.”

“Catchpoint is THE monitoring system that we rely on to measure end-user experience for the past 10 years. Catchpoint stands out from other monitoring products for many reasons.”

“We have been a customer with Catchpoint for the last 3 years and we have been happy with the solution it delivers.”

Customer Service

The customer service team is integral to the success of any company. Ensuring the customers can rely on the support team to resolve issues quickly and provide the necessary help needed in case of a crisis, is important to long-term customer engagement and building trust in the product.

Catchpoint has been providing an award-winning customer service that works 24/7 to support our customers. In our customer’s words:

“Account managers are in touch monthly (sometimes weekly) ensuring they are doing everything they can to maximize tool effectiveness for us. Support is available 24/7. This is unheard of. Any day rain or shine an engineer is available to assist.”

“Very customer-centric. During the evaluation of the service, we had some specific requirements for a feature, and they had it released even before we signed the contract. This behavior and attention to us have continued after the contract was signed as well.”

“Not only Catchpoint offers excellent monitoring product. Its customer service is impressive too. The Catchpoint team has a strong focus on the customer’s experience. They listen to our voices, keep on innovation, and make the product extremely easy to use. I am a very happy customer and truly wish Catchpoint’s continued success.”

Reviewer Demographics of Catchpoint with an overall rating of 4.8 stars based on 66 overall reviews.

We are excited to have earned this recognition and are committed to providing our customers with the best-of-breed product and services. Learn more about Gartner Peer Insights and the Customers’ Choice distinction, download the complete report here!

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