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The Internet is your new network, and its resilience is critical for you to deliver any customer or employee digital experience.

Catchpoint helps DevOps teams and IT leaders to proactively catch and troubleshoot any issue across the Internet Stack (BGP, DNS, SASE, ROBO, CDN, etc.) before it impacts business and revenue.  

Troubleshoot faster across the Internet Stack

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"Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) is a key capability"

"The only real way to reduce the risk of damage caused by downtime is to invest in an IPM solution proactively and establish the required workflows to help with troubleshooting and diagnosis...IT decision-makers must choose between bearing the full weight of these outages or investing in an IPM solution to navigate them intelligently."

Monitor from where it matters

Catchpoint has the largest active monitoring network in the world, providing unparalleled depth and breadth of visibility for all your users, networks, digital services, and applications.

Discover the Power of Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM)

Application Experience

  • Enables DevOps and IT leaders to go beyond traditional APM, providing a critical "Outside- In" perspective. This way, you can ensure applications and services are available, functional, and performant across all channels of the digital customer and employee experience, and in real-time.

Customer Experience

  • Enables SREs and DevOps teams to eliminate blind spots and prevent incident impact from negatively impacting user digital experience.  

  • Catchpoint transforms observed telemetry data from the entire digital delivery chain into preventative actions.

Network Experience

  • Catchpoint's global observability network identifies the root cause and provides the information network professionals need to determine ownership, avoid finger-pointing and reduce MTTR.

  • Everything runs on the network, so traffic routing issues can quickly disrupt business operations. Worse, routing errors like BGP hijacks can pose a major security threat. Catchpoint provides unequalled visibility into your network routing with more BGP peers than anyone else so you can identify and resolve problems in real-time.

Website Experience

  • Enables front-end development teams and QA professionals to optimize their websites for performance, usability, and resilience.

  • Catchpoint's website experience monitoring is the first comprehensive solution for the modern enterprise. Improve SEO and web performance optimization while measuring user journey performance across devices, browsers, and networks with seamless SSO authentication and authorization.

"IPM in critical to business success"

"Companies that don't invest in IPM are vulnerable to huge financial losses." 

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