Solution Brief

Internet Performance Monitoring

Learn how to ensure the resilience of your Internet Stack  

With thousands of vantage points around the world, Catchpoint is the leading IPM platform. Providing deeper insight into core elements of the Internet like BGP, SASE, DNS, CDN, and WAN, you’ll have the ability to catch anything in your Internet Stack before it impacts your business.  

In this Platform Overview, learn how our five IPM solutions help you achieve Internet Resilience across your organization:

  1. For your Customers
    Get a complete view of the service delivery chain from the end user's perspective.  
  1. For your Networks
    Proactively monitor critical services such as BGP, CDN and DNS.  
  1. For your Applications
    Get an "outside-in" view of your mission-critical applications to detect and fix issues before they affect your business.
  1. For your Workforce
    Preemptively fix end-user services issues for your hybrid workforce by detecting constraints beyond the control of enterprise IT.  
  1. For your Websites
    Proactively monitor your site's speed, usability, and resilience globally on real browsers and devices.