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Introducing WebPageTest by Catchpoint's First Free Web Performance Course

We are taking our first steps into the performance education space with WebPageTest's new completely free online course, Lightning-Fast Web Performance. Aimed at developers of any level.

This week over at WebPageTest, we’re excited to be taking our first steps into the performance education space with our new completely free online course, Lightning-Fast Web Performance by WPT Senior Experience Engineer, Scott Jehl. This course is for you, whether you’re a DevOps engineer curious to learn more about WebPerf or you’re part of a front-end and QA team responsible for website optimization and lowering latency. For companies, this course is a fantastic first step for shifting your company to a performance-first mindset.  

Performant websites are essential for converting more users and staying competitive in today’s landscape.

“We believe speed is more than a feature. Speed is the most important feature. If your application is slow, people won’t use it.”

Fred Wilson, VC, AVC

Making the web faster and more user-friendly

Lightning-Fast Web Performance teaches the fundamentals of WebPerf, including conducting site audits, identifying opportunities, staging and testing optimizations, and implementing best practices into daily workflows for development, QA, and SEO.  

Unlike other courses, the Lightning-Fast Web Performance course won’t just teach you how to optimize low-hanging fruits. Scott dives deep into the methods behind identifying and testing tweaks and walks through how to apply critical thinking in approaching more complex optimization problems.  

“For the most successful digital companies, great performance is baked into who they are, a philosophy that flows through every stage of development and operations, across business and technical teams. It’s part of their core culture and something everyone has a role in ensuring.”

Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and co-founder, Catchpoint

Watch this space

Scott’s new course is the first in an eventual series that will teach developers of every skill level everything they need to build fast, snappy user experiences and lightning-fast websites. Watch this space! Lightning-Fast Web Performance is 100% free for all registered WebPageTest users and available beginning September 13th, 2022.  

"Awareness of performance anti-patterns and the skills to recognize the source of performance bottlenecks are too often held only by folks in specialized technical roles... Lightning-Fast Web Performance aimed to address this broadening need for training and awareness through materials that explain web performance concepts in a holistic, while still technical and actionable manner."

Scott Jehl, Instructor & Sr. Experience Engr., WebPageTest by Catchpoint

To take the course, sign up here!

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