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The Future of Operations: AI-powered Internet Performance Monitoring

Experience the future of operations with Catchpoint's IPM platform—real-time insights, proactive issue resolution, and streamlined performance optimization.

At Catchpoint, our philosophy is that AI should not be adopted simply for the sake of AI itself. Instead, it should be embraced when it proves to be the most effective solution for addressing a particular business challenge.

While the world is currently in the fervor of the oncoming AI revolution, our industry-leading IPM platform has quietly harnessed the potential of Artificial Intelligence for years.

We have recently introduced improved AI features that bolster its capabilities even further, offering proactive intelligence to help enterprises solve issues faster and prevent outages. Here are a few examples.  

Catchpoint’s Improved AI capabilities

Internet Sonar

Catchpoint's Internet Sonar

The first question your IT Team asks whenever there’s any service disruption is, “Is it us or something else?” Catchpoint's Internet Sonar answers that question intelligently by providing real-time, global Internet health insights at a glance. Internet Sonar uses data from the world’s largest, independent, active observability network to monitor hundreds of the Internet’s most popular services for outages. The millions of daily tests we run on this network result in billions of datapoints that are turned into actionable information by our AI analytics engine. The result is an AI-powered, real-time, interactive status report that can be displayed via an interactive map, a dashboard widget, or accessed by any system via API.    

Website Experiments

Website Experiments

Imagine if you could effortlessly uncover opportunities to boost your website's performance and validate the improvements without touching a single line of code. That's precisely what Website Experiments offers. Driven by advanced recommendation algorithms, Website Experiments identify areas for improvement and verify their real-world impact, all without impacting engineering teams. Plus, these experiments are powered by WebPageTest, the gold standard in web performance evaluation.  



Smartboards simplify the lives of IT professionals by automatically spotlighting performance issues affecting the user experience and presenting them in a single, interactive view. This concise yet comprehensive display provides a quick summary and contextual information, eliminating the need to painstakingly sift through multiple analyses.  

Smartboards use AI to transform mountains of data into molehills of information and solve the problem of making sense of siloed, disparate monitoring sources. What's more, Smartboards are underpinned by Catchpoint's purpose-built, stateless architecture, guaranteeing data quality and integrity you can trust.  

Trend Shift  

Trend Shift

Trend Shift is a game-changer in proactive issue resolution. Imagine being able to respond swiftly to emerging problems by detecting critical trend shifts in your IPM data before they escalate into full-blown incidents. Trend Shift doesn't just identify these directional performance changes; it acts as your early warning system, allowing you to predict and address potential issues even before incident alerts become necessary.  

Gone are the days of waiting for problems to manifest and trigger alerts. Trend Shift uses Catchpoint IPM's cutting-edge AI analytics , which excel at spotting anomalies and significantly reducing the chances of false alarms, ensuring you stay one step ahead in managing your system's performance.  

User Engagement Estimator  

User Engagement Estimator

User Engagement Estimator for Real User Monitoring answers the question, “Where should our business focus precious website optimization activities?” It allows you to create "what-if" scenarios based on historical data to create projections, such as, "If I reduce page load time by 3 seconds, what will the impact be on conversions?” With User Engagement Estimator, organizations can see the real dollar benefits of an optimization exercise to ensure the ROI will be realized before they make those investments.  

Experience Scores  

Experience Scores

Experience Scores introduce a smarter way to assess the overall experience of customers, applications, employees, sites, or networks. Our AI engine consolidates various disparate metrics into a single, top-line index that offers a concise summary of the user experience.  

In essence, Experience Scores empower you to gain insights from extensive data sets without scrutinizing dozens, or even hundreds, of individual metrics to gauge health status. This simplification greatly enhances the clarity of what requires attention in a digital operations center, streamlining the decision-making process and improving overall efficiency.  

SLI/SLO Tracking

SLO Tracker

SLI/SLO Tracking removes guesswork to enable operation teams to be confident about their ability to support business needs. This innovative feature leverages advanced AI estimation and forecasting algorithms to track uptime or performance budgets against established, quantified objectives.  

Powered by Catchpoint IPM's exceptional data fidelity and cardinality, SLI/SLO Tracking helps you uphold even the strictest uptime or performance budgets, particularly valuable in cases where substantial fines or payouts are stipulated in service level agreements. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise, data-driven assurance.  

Real User Outage Analyzer

Outage Analyzer

This powerful tool ensures that you're aware when users around the world face difficulties accessing your site, even when internal monitoring reports all green. Real User Outage Analyzer employs algorithms to notify you if regional Internet incidents are impacting your business. It harnesses the power of AI to correlate drops in critical business KPIs, such as cart transactions per minute, with proactive IT intelligence.  

These latest AI capabilities represent the culmination of years of innovation by our product and engineering teams. They continuously explore opportunities to harness the vast amount of data traversing the Internet, empowering operations teams to ensure performance, resilience, and customer experience.  

“Our vision for intelligent IT operations platforms is to provide clarity, automated insights and enhance the ability to identify, prevent, and swiftly solve incidents while improving performance and enhancing security,” said Dritan Suljoti, co-founder and CTO at Catchpoint. “Our investments in AI capabilities are designed to accelerate MTTR and reduce incident and maintenance costs. That way, our customers can allocate more of their resources to R&D rather than incident management.”

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how companies can counter Internet complexity with Catchpoint's AI-powered Internet Performance Monitoring.  

Visit our demo hub to learn more about the our new capabilities or contact us to find out how IPM can help you catch you anything in your Internet Stack before it impacts your business.  

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