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Rethinking Employee Experience in the Remote Era

We’ve compiled a brief list of recommended reading, listening, and viewing we hope you enjoy.

Looking back to our virtual event last week, Remote CTRL, we decided to round up some of the best literature out there around employee experience and technology. As workforces around the US and the globe continue to adapt to remote working and SaaS usage keeps on rising, we wanted to know more about how I.T. teams are managing digital employee experience (DEX) and gain insight from some of the leaders in the field. To this end, we’ve compiled a brief list of recommended reading, listening, and viewing we hope you enjoy.

Recommended Reading

David Johnson, Principal Analyst, Forrester

David is one of the industry’s essential analysts on the topic of digital employee experience (EX). Admittedly we are biased (David kicked off Remote CTRL with a terrific presentation on Employee Experience and the Role of Technology), but why not check it out for yourself, his writing on EX is insightful and compelling.

Predictions 2021: Employee Experience By David Johnson, Katy Tynan, James McQuivey, Andrew Hewitt, J. P. Gownder with Keith Johnston, Alex Sobchuk

Key insights include:

  • Remote work will settle at 3x pre-pandemic levels, “offering an opportunity for firms to snap up top talent and keep them happier”.
  • Automation will drive new solutions that help employees be more effective in their day-to-day work.
  • HR and technology leaders will need to work hand in hand to gather data and better enable the remote workforce.

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Rich Lane, Senior Analyst, Forrester

Rich Lane’s focus at Forrester is on providing critical insight into operations intelligence, including advanced analytics, machine learning, AI-related techniques, and performance monitoring and management. One of his main areas of research concerns how AIOps and automation can help free I&O practitioners from traditional maintenance and incident management activities.

Digital Experience Is Part Of Your Job By Rich Lane with Lauren Nelson, Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian, Tyler Brown and Diane Lynch

This piece of invaluable research outlines the value of DEM for employee experience and customer experience, demonstrating the way in which performance monitoring can offer insights to business leaders for feedback and improvement.

Federico De Silva, Senior Director Analyst, Gartner

Federico De Silva is another must-read on the topic of EX, in particular DEX. His research is of particular interest to us at Catchpoint because of its focus on performance monitoring, from APM to ITIM to DEM. He is also a specialist in AI for IT Operations.

Observe, Measure and Assist: Three Ways to Drive Workforce Digital Dexterity By Matt Cain, Melissa Hilbert, Federico De Silva, Daniel Barros

This in-depth report looking at driving forces for workplace digital dexterity brings together the expertise of several Gartner analysts. Key insights include how to implement experience-level agreements to improve IT-driven business and employee experiences.

The report also notes, “Application leaders can increase workers’ digital dexterity by using digital experience monitoring tools to observe enabling infrastructure, by implementing experience-level agreements to measure success, and by deploying digital adoption solutions to aid the development of application competencies.”

10 Essential Use Cases for Employee Experience Monitoring

This handbook from Catchpoint delves into 10 common digital employee experience monitoring use cases. If you want to know more about how to proactively monitor and improve the digital employee experience (DEX), you’ll find detailed use cases applicable to any organization along with use cases focused by the department, including IT Management, IT Operations, Desktop Support/End User Services, and DevOps. Download it here!

Recommended Listening

Andrew Hewitt, Employee Technology Analyst, Forrester

Another analyst at Forrester we avidly follow for EX thought leadership is Andrew Hewitt whose research focuses on helping companies improve the technology experience of their employees. He also explores how companies can improve the physical working environment to provide a better employee experience. In addition to writing research reports, Andrew is a frequent contributor to the Forrester podcast.

Forrester Podcast Episode: The Best of EX in 2020

This conversation brings together Forrester analysts Andrew Hewitt, David Johnson, James McQuivey, and Judy Weader discussing real world examples of how companies and government have adapted their EX programs in this unprecedented year.

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This podcast on employee experience is centered on the brand and customer experience angle as opposed to a traditional HR perspective. A wide range of business leaders and authors (“thought leaders and disrupters in the EX space”) join host Stephan Vincent to discuss how the workplace is changing and the conversation around HR transformation, company culture, and employee engagement.

Episode 79: Don’t be fooled. The digital employee experience matters

This episode features Pat Wadors, Chief Talent Officer at ServiceNow, to discuss the changing nature of HR and the place of technology in employee experience. Continuing to expand on the theme of DEX, there is also a stimulating discussion around how to leverage employee data and AI to drive employee engagement and the most effective ways to measure the impact of EX initiatives on overall business performance.

Recommended Viewing

Joe Mccarthy, Technical Evangelist Catchpoint

As part of Joe’s weekly Tip of the Day series as Catchpoint’s Technical Evangelist diving into a wide range of topics that accessibly delve into digital experience management and the Catchpoint platform, he has made several must-see videos around employee experience.

Measuring Employee Experience

Watch a test drive of the Catchpoint Endpoint Monitoring solution to see how it tracks overall availability for SaaS applications to provide a global view of digital performance from your employee’s devices.

Troubleshooting Employee Experience

See how Catchpoint used our Endpoint Monitoring solution to troubleshoot an ongoing voice/video call problem for our Chief Revenue Officer, Tim Blunt.

Remote CTRL: A Virtual Event for IT Pros

Last, but not least, check out the sessions from REMOTE CTRL: available for your viewing pleasure here.

REMOTE CTRL kicked off with a deep dive into “everything employee experience” in a fantastic presentation on Digital Workplace Best Practices from David Johnson of Forrester, which includes deep insights into EX “you won’t have heard anywhere else”.

Following this, enjoy the lively discussion from our terrific panel of business leaders from VMware, AWS, Estee Lauder and Facebook who talked to Catchpoint’s Zachary Henderson, Senior Solutions Engineer and Neelum Khan, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, about how some of the US’s biggest companies and their people have adapted to working remotely.

We wrapped things up with a presentation from Catchpoint’s Zachary Henderson who was joined by Matt Izzo, VP of Product, to discuss the Catchpoint vision to improve user (including employee) experience during this unforeseen period of rapid digital transformation and share a demo of how the platform works.

Find out more about the event and speakers here.

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