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Catchpoint Summer 2011 Release

Learn more about the new version of Catchpoint and which new features and enhancements it has.

Well Summer came and went in a heartbeat. Our engineering team was busy building new features and we had 2 releases in the last 2 months. Here are some of the features:

  • New standalone Ping monitor – Catchpoint had the ability to run Ping side by side with other monitors since the first day it launched. Now customers can also create tests that are Ping only. The Ping monitor is a new addition to our various other Monitors: Web, Transactions, DNS, TCP & HTML.
Packet Loss Impact on Web Response Time
  • Alert on Ping RTT & Packet loss – for any test that has Ping enabled users can set up alerts on Ping Round Trip and Ping Packet loss.
  • Enhanced support of Request and HTTP Header Override in web transactions tests – users can override Requests without having to modify the transaction script.
  • Scheduled reports support new time intervals and Geometrical Mean, Median, and Standard Deviation calculations.
  • Ability to chart DNS experience metrics by level servers queried.
  • Enhanced the Waterfall HAR Export file to include more information in regards of the test and where it ran from.
Catchpoint HAR support
  • Ability to see in the waterfall the referrer URL for each request.
Catchpoint Waterfall Report - Referrer URL
  • Enhanced our time macros to allow users to generate dynamically dates in the future or in the past based on calendar offsets. For example pick the second tuesday of next month.
  • Ability for a customer to choose which default calculation metric to use for their entire account (Average, Median , Geometrical Mean, Standard Deviations).

Cannot wait to share next month’s release with some truly unique features.

The Catchpoint Team.

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