Catch BGP Issues Before They Impact Your Business

BGP issues
network issues
CDN issues
application issues
DNS issues
cloud issues
ISP issues
before they impact your business

From the user to the application, Catchpoint gives you insights across the Internet Stack to anticipate, detect and fix problems fast.

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Gain full visibility into your Internet Stack

Today, the Internet is your network.

With Catchpoint Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM), you get clear, actionable insights into your Internet Stack performance (CDN, DNS, VPN/SASE, ROBO, and BGP) to fix issues quickly and ensure a smooth user experience.

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Instantly display live critical service or application issues

Visually understand the Internet dependencies impacting service or application performance at a glance with Catchpoint’s unique Internet Stack Map.

Only Catchpoint’s IPM can provide detailed, automatic, and interactive service/application-specific maps that simplify troubleshooting and show you external systems beyond the visibility of APM.

Observe performance
from where your users are

Optimize performance, availability, reliability, and reachability from where it matters most: where your users are.

Our global observability network has over 2,600 vantage points inside your network, inside wireless carriers, at routing points, and on core Internet infrastructure across the world.

Fix issues faster with actionable, intelligent analytics

Catchpoint's intelligent analytics allow you to distill mountains of data into meaningful insights quickly, enabling you to focus your troubleshooting and optimization efforts on elements such as a particular region, stack component, or SEO rankings.

Your Internet Resilience ally

Catchpoint’s award-winning Managed Services team is available to augment your team and provide best practices, hand-on guidance, or a complete monitoring-as-a-service solution for your organization.

Catchpoint is an ally you can always rely on.

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Stop Internet outages in their tracks. We can help.

Hear from our customers

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Martin Norato Auer

VP, CX Observability Services

We get Catchpoint alerts within seconds when a site is down and within three minutes, identify exactly where the issue is coming from and inform our customers and work with them.”
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Charles Conley

Manager, IT OPS

Their support has been fantastic - really taking the time to show us new features as they come out - and they are coming out with new features very frequently."
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Gary Ballabio

VP Technology Partnerships

It really came down to the service itself and what it was providing us. We can run simultaneous tests with Catchpoint from different agents all over the world, which gives us a real comparison of what website performance looks like."
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What’s new at Catchpoint

The Internet Resilience Report is now available!

The Internet Resilience Report 2024 report is based on insights from 300+ digital leaders in North America and EMEA. It establishes the necessary baseline for understanding, measuring, and improving Internet Stack Resilience.

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