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As a WebPageTest Pro user, you understand the importance of continuously testing and optimizing web pages. However, you can have the best website in the world, but if no one can reach it, there is no experience to speak of. Catchpoint’s Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) enables deep visibility across the Internet Stack, which allows Front-end teams & WebOps professionals to stay on top of everything that impacts their site (BGP, DNS, SASE, ROBO, CDN, ISPs, etc.)

Gain a 360-degree view of your website or application and ensure it's fast, reachable, reliable, and customized for your end user's real needs. Our cloud-native platform ensures Internet Resilience across your organization.

Simplified Testing & Accurate Monitoring

Schedule and monitor tests effortlessly while leveraging our pre-built analytics dashboards to visualize the data most important to your team.

Synthetic Monitoring & RUM

Leverage RUM to paint a precise picture of your user base. Use real browsers to emulate full user journey transactions – such as logins or checkouts. Optimize your business performance by combining synthetic and real user monitoring. Identify problems before active users arrive and troubleshoot outages quickly.

Set Performance Budgets & Alerts

Set up customized alerts to receive real-time notifications whenever performance thresholds are breached. Be instantly informed of any anomalies and take proactive measures to address them promptly.

Monitor from where it matters

Catchpoint enables you to monitor from where it matters for you with the largest active monitoring network in the world, providing unparalleled depth and breadth of visibility for all your users, networks, digital services, and applications.

We used Catchpoint’s real-time measurements to pinpoint and resolve Google Public DNS latency. Instead of a long process, we were able to turn around the problem in just minutes, when it ordinarily could have taken close to an hour.

Matthew White
Reliability Engineering Manager

Because of Catchpoint, we haven’t had a single incident in the past year and a half that we didn’t discover in less than five minutes. Seeing a drop from two hours to five minutes is a pretty big deal for us.

David Gonzalez
Director of Technical Operations

With Catchpoint, Equinix is able to identify and diagnose issues in a matter of minutes and begin to correct them before they become larger problems for end users.

Kelsey Waters
Senior Director of Cloud Operations

Catchpoint is an exceptional company that offers superior solutions and services for our unique needs. Simply put, Catchpoint records more data, give us more information, store it longer, and make it easier for us to analyze and get deeper insight, ultimately allowing us to make better informed business decisions.

Information Security Officer

This proved to be the easiest business case that I’ve ever made to the Honeywell executive team. Catchpoint paid for itself during the proof-of-concept period before we even signed up as an official customer.

Paul Fries
IT Director

Ensuring constant customer and partner satisfaction is vital for Priceline. Catchpoint, originally purchased as our main alerting platform, has become our trusted go-to-strategic partner for continuous web performance monitoring, analysis, and optimization. Not only can we more quickly identify and resolve problems, but Catchpoint’s analytics have helped us uncover many new opportunities for system and business improvement. With Catchpoint, we can do significantly more observing for the same cost.

Tom Gerhard
Tom Gerhard
Technical Fellow

Customers need to see more and more about why you’re good, where you are good, and have truly independent metrics of how well their digital delivery is performing against the accepted norms. Being a cloud platform provider, our team needs to see where we are doing well and where we can improve to deliver even better value to customers in fast-growing markets. Gaining these insights can only be done with analytical monitoring that’s truly international and lets us drill down into network performance issues. This is where Catchpoint steps in for us as we look to become a major force in cloud streaming services.

Serkan Sevim
Serkan Sevim

With the data that Catchpoint provides us, we were able to quickly and easily identify an issue that was actually with a vendor rather than us. In Catchpoint, you can dig into these charts to see sources and destinations, addresses, and a lot more data that becomes valuable when troubleshooting.

Jason Evans
Jason Evans
Director of Product

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If you really want to go to bed at night and not worry about your website, you’ll consider Catchpoint.

Robin Schenck
Robin Schenck
QA and Release Manager
Blue Nile

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For Modern Enterprise

Catchpoint supports modern enterprise capabilities such as single sign-on (SSO) integration with SAML to ensure the security and authentication of your interactions with our services.


Catchpoint's Internet Performance Monitoring solution ⁠seamlessly integrates with your existing tools, offering a comprehensive view of your online business ecosystem.

Deliver Great Customer Experience

  • Experience score: The Digital Experience Score helps to provide a summary of overall end-user experience. It is a composite of Endpoint, Network and Application Scores.
  • Smartboard: Diagnose and resolve SaaS issues faster with easily shared AI-powered smartboards and visualizations that provide actionable insights.
  • Earth View Dashboard: An interactive view of global pageviews and performance based on RUM data, by city or country, to visually identify issues faster.

Internet Sonar

Catchpoint Internet Sonar provides trustworthy Internet health information at-a-glance so you can get ahead of productivity or experience-impacting incidents. Internet Sonar uses data from the world’s largest, independent active observability network to monitor from where it matters. The result is an AI-powered, real-time, interactive status report that can be displayed via an interactive map, a dashboard widget or accessed by any system via API.

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"Companies that don't invest in IPM are vulnerable to huge financial losses." 

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