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IT teams are under pressure to ensure secure, reliable access to employee WiFi networks

With remote and hybrid workforces - and no endpoint observability - IT teams lack visibility into the first source of communication and productivity for employees: WiFi services. It's time to gain access and insight into endpoint WiFi network performance, so you can practively troubleshoot to ensure a high quality end user experience.

Drill down into live user data directly from the endpoint

Gain rich insights from endpoint data

Install endpoint monitoring locally on Windows or Mac browsers to pull data directly from the device.

Leverage customized dashboards

Create dashboards for each of your endpoint clients to quickly drill down into their most recent endpoint data.

Troubleshoot using critical metrics

Look at endpoint data related to response time, time to document completion, percent packet loss, and more.

Tap into device and WiFi insights that provide granular visibility

Check WiFi signal strength

Understand where your employees lie on a scale from -30 dBm (ideal) to -90 dBm (unusable).

Determine WiFi signal quality

See your signal quality percentage, so local interference problems (or any form thereof) can be remedied.

Proactively find WiFi issues

Reduce complaints and IT load by finding connectivity and performance issues before end users do.

Stop Internet outages in their tracks. We can help.

Know the critical path between the user and their application

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Quickly and easily pinpoint network issues

If WiFi metrics are fine, swiftly get an accurate picture of the critical network path to determine any other issues.

Track latency by geography

Understand which users are experiencing high latency and in which geographies, so you can speed MTTR.

Analyze data for specific applications

Gather endpoint data in the context of an application to see every endpoint client using that app.

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Everyone has varying levels of home connectivity and might even suffer from poor WiFi coverage in parts of their homes. With Catchpoint, we can generate instant tests in remote areas. Plus, Catchpoint’s large node presence enables us to troubleshoot regional Internet issues.

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