Solution Brief

Workforce Experience Solution Brief

While the pandemic thrust us into remote work out of necessity, it’s clear now that working from anywhere is the way of the future. Let’s put that into perspective. Your IT team now has to support employees working from home offices, cafes and libraries with a mishmash of networks and technologies. Further, the productivity of those employees now hinges on outsourced services beyond IT’s control. How can you deliver the best service to your hybrid workforce?

Catchpoint provides unrivalled end-to-end visibility of the Internet and business-critical applications so you can support an anywhere, anytime, any SaaS app workforce.

Download our Workforce Experience Solution Brief to learn:

  • Why traditional monitoring tools no longer work.
  • How our complete observability solution leaves no blind spot across endpoint connectivity, SASE/VPN clients, the Internet and SaaS applications.
  • The complementary vantage points that power our observability solution.