Deliver a superior experience for Microsoft 365

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Regain the insight needed to fully support
your employees using Microsoft apps

Being on the hook for the performance of your Microsoft 365 applications, from Outlook to Teams, with the backend living in the cloud, is a tough spot to be in without proper visibility. Catchpoint provides IT teams with crucial insight into users' device health, application experience, and network performance, so you can respond to issues before employee productivity is impacted.

Ensure Microsoft SaaS performance 24/7 on any device

Track and analyze Microsoft SaaS performance for your distributed workforce, using a combination of passive and active observers across your network and the web.

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Proactively observe Microsoft apps

Observe Outlook, SharePoint, Teams, and other Microsoft apps, regardless of location, to uncover and resolve user-impacting issues.

Augment Microsoft’s SLA tracking

Remove arguments and speed problem resolution by holding Microsoft to their SLAs using neutral data.

Resolve employees’ problems fast

Accelerate MTTR with actionable alerts securely delivered to the right teams, and rapid detection and dissection of the root cause of performance issues.

Make informed decisions

Measure how environmental and geographic factors across your distributed workforce influence application experience to enable preemptive, specific troubleshooting.


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