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Providing High Performance Assurance

Equinix is a leader in the digital infrastructure space, providing a platform that guarantees flexibility, scalability, and security. Top-tier enterprises, software as a service (SaaS), and cloud providers rely on Equinix to deliver services and expect no compromise when it comes to digital performance.

Digital performance is crucial to Equinix, as they help customers scale businesses with agility and ease, without worrying about critical infrastructure. With more than 220 data centers in over 26 locations worldwide, Equinix strives to maintain 99.9 percent uptime. Equinix partnered with Catchpoint to:

  • Ensure service reliability.
  • Offer customers insights into observability and performance trends.
  • Maintain consistent availability and reachability.

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Redwood City, CA

The platform that they’ve built is, I think, unrivaled, in terms of observability for network performance, but what I really love about Catchpoint is their focus on innovation.

Zachary Smith
General Manager


This is a summary of an interview with Zachary Smith, general manager of Bare Metal, Equinix. It has been edited for clarity.

My name’s Zachary Smith and I am the cofounder of Packet, a single-tenant hardware cloud provider acquired by Equinix in March of 2020. As Equinix’s bare metal division, we are proud to have more than 20,000 developer users deploying single-tenant bare metal cloud in under 60 seconds.

Our customers are the most innovative and technology-driven companies in the entire world. They are looking for technology capabilities that can drive their businesses, create new markets, and defend their leadership position. Our edge cloud services help by using strategically distributed data centers to reduce latency and deliver a better end-user experience.

A lot of our customers are SaaS providers that deliver their applications over the Equinix network and infrastructure, which makes high network performance a core tenet for us. Our customers demand high performance and operational efficiency so they can deliver consistent service. To ensure they provide the best end-user experience, our services must consistently run at peak levels. That’s why we have invested in Catchpoint monitoring and observability solutions to stay ahead of any network-impacting incident.


There is no doubt that Catchpoint offers a powerful tool. In fact, the platform that they’ve built is, I think, unrivaled, in terms of observability for network performance, but what I really love about Catchpoint is their focus on innovation.

We use Catchpoint solutions in the following ways:

  • Proactive monitoring and observability allows us to detect and resolve incidents extremely quickly, with minimum service impact.
  • Network monitoring and observability capabilities let us detect performance degradations worldwide that could have a significant impact on our customers.
  • Consistent and continuous monitoring and observability help us quickly pinpoint the source of a network latency, determine whether a third-party service is responsible for that latency, and if the issue is limited to a specific region or a network type.
  • Streamlined, more effective incident management. We use our digital experience observability tool’s alerting capabilities to ensure that the right teams are notified should any incident occur. This speeds up troubleshooting and resolution time.
  • Dashboards offer a single-pane visualization of performance across the network and infrastructure, which gives the different teams in the organization a quick view of overall performance.


It’s really cool to see some of the unique approaches that Catchpoint is taking to approach how to best understand end-user experience and then tie that data back to not only us, but to our customers.

In fact, we have taken to bringing Catchpoint and the data that it provides to customers, both as a pre-sales tool and as a consultive service. We can show customers a snapshot of service health and use advanced data analytics capabilities to give additional visibility into the customer experience. This allows us to optimize our service based on what works for a specific cloud environment.

If you care about the performance of your application or you’re running either a network or a SaaS business, you should be looking at how to get observability and performance data. More importantly, you need to find a partner who can deliver not only the tools and experience of data that Catchpoint can, but also has the long-term strategy and passion necessary to help drive the performance of your application.