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Scaling Business While Optimizing Clients’ End User Experience

Since 2015, Sourcepoint has provided solutions that ensure compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA while helping its clients optimize revenue. The company works with both sellers and buyers of media and data, including marketers, heads of advertising operations, and privacy professionals.

Sourcepoint partnered with Catchpoint to:

  • Improve their pre-sales process by providing accurate metrics and competitive proof points.
  • Ensure post-sales satisfaction by proactively ensuring optimized performance and identifying areas of improvement.
  • Provide consistent availability and uptime.
  • Streamline and strengthen their observability strategy and capabilities.
$9.6 Million
New York, NY

The strong combination of technology, skill, expertise, and flexibility make Catchpoint unique in the market and a terrific partner.

Brian Kane
Co-Founder and COO


With the most full-featured privacy compliance platform on the market, Sourcepoint helps its clients optimize the user journey and ensure the compliance of their partners, all while providing guidance on privacy best practices. Its global team with deep experience in adtech and martech guides clients as they navigate an extremely complex privacy landscape and ecosystem.

Sourcepoint’s research finds that consumers are more likely to opt in to a company’s privacy policies if they have a good user experience. With that in mind, it’s paramount that the company can emulate that experience on behalf of its clients – specifically web page performance since that directly impacts clients’ privacy consent rates and monetization.

Sourcepoint focused on back-end observability to ensure uninterrupted delivery of its web-based solutions but lacked a way to track and quantify end-user experience.

“To satisfy our clients in this area, we sought a solution that could help us replicate the experience of end users, providing detailed metrics that allowed us to truly understand the consumer journey,” explains Brian Kane, co-founder and COO of Sourcepoint.


With a go-forward plan, Sourcepoint immediately turned to Catchpoint.

“I’ve worked with Catchpoint’s CEO and co-founder in numerous capacities over the years – including his time at DoubleClick taking care of publishers at scale – and know he understands the adtech ecosystem inside and out. No one is more committed to optimized performance. His vision for this is well reflected in the Catchpoint product,” continues Kane.

According to Kane, Catchpoint stands out for its unparalleled passion for observability.

“We can trust Catchpoint’s technology is well positioned for companies doing things at scale, which is vital as we continue to grow our business globally,” he says.

Strengthening the pre-sales process

Prospective Sourcepoint clients need assurance that the tag and scripts associated with Sourcepoint’s solution won’t negatively impact their page performance. They also want to see how the solution compares to other vendor offerings.

To deliver this proof in the form of granular performance metrics, Sourcepoint’s Solutions Consultants call upon Catchpoint reports.

“In these pre-sale engagements, Catchpoint is the first place we turn. With Catchpoint, we can simulate the prospect site running our script, which allows us to stand out when we go head-to-head with competitors,” says Kane.

Ensuring post-sales satisfaction

Sourcepoint also uses Catchpoint observability for the ongoing management and observability of key client sites. This enables the company to proactively ensure optimized performance while objectively tracking performance and identifying areas for improvement on behalf of its clients.

“Sometimes we identify areas for optimization with regard to another vendor’s solution, and Catchpoint allows us to proactively pinpoint performance improvements for our clients. With Catchpoint, we can point to the data, stay ahead of client concerns and, most importantly, help clients improve their consent rates by ensuring seamless performance on their properties,” explains Kane.

Ensuring availability

The Sourcepoint engineering team uses Catchpoint as an API testing tool, simulating endpoint cadences to ensure availability and uptime.

“This kind of regular testing helps us proactively optimize back-end performance,” Kane adds.

Integration with key tool

By pairing Catchpoint with PagerDuty – Sourcepoint’s other key monitoring tool – the company greatly streamlines and improves its observability capabilities. The integration between Catchpoint and PagerDuty helps make page performance monitoring an automatic part of Sourcepoint’s operations observability while providing a comprehensive level of redundancy.


Because Catchpoint data is easy to distribute via a variety of methods, Sourcepoint can quickly share it with prospects and clients as needed.

“We can rely on Catchpoint to help us serve up the granular performance metrics requested by enterprise prospects and customers. Combined with the amazing service provided by Catchpoint, we are well positioned to optimize the user experience for our clients,” concludes Kane.