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Catchpoint named "Customer's Choice in the 2020 Gartner Peer Insights 'Voice of the Customer': Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics"

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Media and Entertainment

With so many media and entertainment providers available at the touch of a button—viewers, gamers, and social media enthusiasts will move on to a competitor’s site in a heartbeat if they’re forced to wait. Catchpoint helps companies like Google, Dotdash and Hulu protect both their brand as well as their ad and subscription revenue streams.

Matthew Landolf, Director of Operations

"It's true that collecting the data is the easy part. Refining it and consuming it, that's the part that requires a lot of thought, and that's worth every penny that we get from Catchpoint."

Financial Services

Today’s finance customers are not comparing their experience between banks or insurance companies; they measure it against Amazon, Google, and Apple. These changing expectations mean financial services companies must find a way to move at Silicon Valley speeds while maintaining the security demanded by customers, regulators, and shareholders.

Ed Wilde, Technical Architect

“We haven't had a single false positive, and we have had a few outages that Catchpoint has noticed. So the feeling amongst my team and my boss is that it is catching those things that we were missing before.”

Software as a Service

Software application services are expected to be at the forefront of innovation, performance, availability, reachability, and reliability. Those who fail in this endeavor will be left behind by companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, and Xandr, who use Catchpoint to ensure that they're always providing an amazing digital experience.

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure companies like Equinix, Google, Verizon DMS, and Fastly provide the services on which the internet functions—they must be available and operating at peak performance levels 24/7. Doing so requires a real-time monitoring solution that provides the deepest and fastest insight into performance issues before they disrupt the end user experience.


Today’s modern enterprises like Google, Microsoft, Honeywell, and SAP have a vast array of infrastructure and applications running all over the world, 24 hours a day. They need a performance monitoring solution that is not only reliable and efficient, but can also collect and share massive amounts of data across many different teams, cities, and countries around the globe.

Paul Fries, IT Director

"This proved to be the easiest business case that I've ever made to the Honeywell executive team. Catchpoint paid for itself during the proof of concept period before we even signed up as an official customer."

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