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In the News – May 2021: Staying Ahead of The DEM Curve

Stay up to date on everything happening in the DEM and observability space.

Enterprises and organizations understand that observability and monitoring practices are central to maintaining digital experience. Outages and performance related issues are inevitable, so we help our customers maintain their focus on measuring and monitoring end-user experience constantly. As part of this endeavour, we want to keep you up to date on everything happening in the DEM and observability space. We will be putting together a monthly summary of insightful articles, thought leadership, and analysis of recent outages.

To start with let's look at what we have been up to at Catchpoint. Over the last few weeks, we have added some significant enhancements and integrations to our platform. Catchpoint added Core Web Vitals to give our customers everything they need to monitor effectively. We also released the Catchpoint-Google Cloud integration to help our customers gain even better performance visibility. These are just a few of the changes we implemented. Let's look at everything that happened in the month of May!

SD Times

What the Dev? – Great Performance Equals An SEO Boost In Google’s Upcoming Core Web Vitals – Episode 103

This June, Google is going to release Core Web Vitals, which will capture performance data and boost SEO impact of an application if it meets a certain performance threshold. The three metrics that Google is focusing on are web loading performance, first input delay, and layout stability. Learn about each of these components and more from Patrick Meenan, an engineering fellow at Catchpoint. Read More.

IT Briefcase

A Cautionary Tale: Why Global Routing Systems Must Implement MANRS

On April 16, a significant BGP leak caused widespread network outages that impacted major network operators, cloud, and CDN providers. This incident was a classic origin hijack case from Vodafone Idea (AS55410), an Indian operator based in Mumbai and Gandhinagar. Read More.

CIO Dive

Catchpoint is now part of the Gartner Peer Insights Customer First program for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

Finding the right monitoring tool is important, but equally critical is making sure you’re confident in the people you’re working with. That’s why Catchpoint has joined the Gartner Peer Insights Customer First program. The Customer First badge on a vendor’s profile signifies they welcome both positive and negative feedback and utilize customer insights to drive product development, service and support. Read More.

APM digest

Monitoring Google Cloud

Monitoring your SaaS tools should be a central part of your DEM program. That’s why Catchpoint now has an integration with Google Cloud, allowing IT teams to gain user-centric visibility into the performance, availability, and health of applications and infrastructure running on Google Cloud. Adding Catchpoint’s unique global digital experience insights enabled by the largest global monitoring network in the world, to the existing visibility provided by Google Cloud’s partner ecosystem, eliminates the visibility gaps that have long plagued enterprises. Read More.

SD Times

How Does Your Company Help Its Customers With Digital Experience Monitoring

In a digital economy enabled by cloud, SaaS, and IoT, applications and users are many and can be located anywhere. Discover what makes a unique Digital Experience Observability platform that can scale and support today’s customer and employee location diversity and application distribution. Read More.

Want to continue to stay up to date with the latest and greatest in the world of monitoring? We do too! That’s why we’ve invited some of the top minds in the SRE business to join a top-notch community event - SRE from Anywhere . We’d love for you to take part in this free event too!

Sign up to get your learning on here – and we’ll see you next month with another roundup of monitoring news!

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